Ally is the world expert on novelty dresses with cute buttons
Karl Pilkington krumping is the greatest thing I've ever seen! 
I know Halloween has passed but can we take a moment to appreciate this amazing Nightmare Before Christmas headboard decal
Zoella's video with Louise's daughter has made me so broody! 
Ella knows what she's talking about when it comes to fat positivity
That's it: I'm running away to join the circus as a fat lady
I want a pug so, so much! 
I love Chantal's bacteria-inspired print

Kaelah has reminded me of this amazing video. It's so uplifting. I love how everyone gets involved, rather than awkwardly ignoring him. 

Other Stuff
I am freaking amazing at locating capital cities. I was within a couple of hundred miles of most of them, although over a thousand miles out from Moscow. Sorry Russia! 

Not gonna lie, I miss Myspace

Oh my God, there is a Caribbean island inhabited only by pigs and you can visit it! 

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