Review: Apivita Skin Care

I was recently contacted by the people at Apivita to review some of their products and I was very lucky to receive a whole goodie bag full. Apivita are a Greek company selling organic beauty products made from natural ingredients. 
The whole bag smelled amazing! It reminded me of being a child and playing with my grandma's soaps- A very nostalgic scent. It's also very reassuring as there's nothing that smells artificial or synthetic.

Natural Serum Radiance

This serum, suitable for all skin types, is formulated to improve skin tone and radiance using the properties of bilberry and vitamin C. It smells wonderfully fruity and has a lovely, moisturising consistency. The applicator makes it easy to apply the serum, which sinks into the skin really nicely. 

Face Scrub with Apricot
The exfoliating gel is designed to gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and radiant. It smells absolutely divine. Really peachy. I know that sounds odd, since it's apricot scented but there you go. I did find that I needed to use a lot of product and it was difficult to wash off completely. 

Express Gold Face Mask

With prickly pear extract, this moisturising and revitalising face mask uses wheat germ oil, shea butter and lavender to soothe and moisturise the skin. It's a thick, creamy consistency, although I found it a little tricky to apply evenly. When on, however, it feels cool and tingly- very refreshing! The prickly pear scent is nice and fruity.  

Lip Care with Blackcurrant

Made with a variety of oils (olive oil, avocado, castor and blackcurrant), beeswax and shea butter, this lip balm is perfect for moisturising and soothing chapped lips. It tastes delicious, and applies in a really thick, creamy layer. The only downside I've found with this is that the packaging feels pretty brittle and liable to snap. 

Natural Soap with Olive

It turns out that this soap is the wonderful smell that filled the bag. Based on a traditional recipe, and infused with olive oil, it gently cleanses skin while retaining moisture. 

I am really impressed with the Apivita products. I definitely recommend them. 


  1. I love their green clay face mask. It does wonders for skin with acne.

  2. Huh, I found with the apricot scrub that if anything I needed very little! Lovely little reviews, Becky x

    1. That's funny. Maybe it's different on different skin types.

  3. love the colour of the lipstick!

    1. It's supposed to give a tint but it doesn't really.


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