Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop and Clothes Show Live

I first discovered Meadham Kirchhoff in 2011, when they showcased their SS12 collection. They quickly became my favourite designers ever- I love quirky, playful aesthetics and pastel shades. My favourite artist (as it mentions in my left sidebar) is Grayson Perry and I was bowled over by how much this collection seemed inspired by his alter-ego Claire

This very early, absolutely excrutiating post of mine, laments the fact that Meadham Kirchhoff is "just too crazy for the high street". Oh, little blogger Becky, how wrong you were! Topshop has finally released their collaboration with Meadham Kirchhoff. (Ok, so they actually released one a few years ago but this was before I discovered them, so not much good for me). 

The thing I really love about the collection is how they've created four different aesthetics, relating to the different moods of their past collections. Cherry Blossom, with the pastel, frilly, girly looks, is right up my street! I managed to buy three items from the collaboration, thanks to the very kind people at Echo Falls who sponsored an outfit to wear to Clothes Show Live. As soon as I saw the collection, I knew it was perfect to wear to the Clothes Show Live- A little quirky but still wearable, comfortable (very important for a day out!) and, of course, super stylish.
Of course, the best parts of the collection sold out ridiculously quickly. I managed to grab this eyes and lip dress, but it was only available in a 14. I was a little worried about how it would fit but, when it arrived, it fit me absolutely perfectly. I love it so much! I love the puff sleeves, I love the ruched waist, I love the lilac frills, I love the dandy sleeves that make me feel like Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen (True fact: He was my idol when I was 8). 

I cannot wait to grace the Birmingham NEC with my Meadham Kirchhoff x Topshop clad presence. If you see a girl running around looking like an eccentric late 90s TV personality-slash-interior designer, that will be me! And don't forget, you could also be attending with my Clothes Show Live ticket giveaway! Woohoo! 


  1. Okay you look seriously rad! I used to bloody love Laurence Llewellyn Bowen, I totally get what you mean! Bring back Changing Rooms! xx

  2. I'll admit, I've not heard of this brand before the Topshop collab, or rather I had, just very vaguely! I LOVED that mongolian fur coat they did, but for £750? My pockets cried :P xx

    1. I love them so much! I wanted that coat too!

  3. Word cannot describe how much I love that dress in all it's LLB glory. Everything I wanted sold our too fast :( so im just going to live through you.

  4. I think this dress is the best one I've seen all freakin year. Holy amazing, Batman!

  5. It's just as amazing as I was hoping it would be! xx

  6. It really does fit you perfectly.. So fab!


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