After weeks of planning and preparation, yesterday was finally the day of the Bloggers' Halloween party. 

Before we went to have a boogie, I met up with most of the bloggers at the hotel and we filled up with Nando's!

Chickens make us happy!

We sneaked a load of chicken masks to colour in whilst we waited for our food. 

This is Alyssia's seduction face! Stunner or what?

Alyssia also had the most amazing nails!

My little brother Myles turned up and was dressed as Master of the Blogger Harem. He was so sweet- He sat in the corner of the room and grunted from time to time, but he absolutely loved it!

From left to right, we have got:
Weeping angel- Alyssia
Minnie Mouse- Sarah
Roger Rabbit- Leona

Myles and me
Just peeking behind me is my BFF Marie, who doesn't have a blog
Queen of Hearts- Lara
Tinkerbell- Beth

Pikachu- Nadine
Zombie- Fernanda
Alice- Kayleigh

Now, I know it's bad to use flash. The venue was dark though, and my camera really didn't take to a super slow exposure. I figure that the harsh exposure and shadows are kind of Halloweeny!
Leona was in charge of the playlist and she did an amazing job. Every track was a throwback to the 90s and I'm sure everyone squealed "THIS IS MY JAM!" at some point during the night!
After spending the night surrounded by bloggers, Marie quickly realised how awesome us bloggers are and is now considering starting her own blog. 

However, if there's one thing you need to know about Marie, it's that she isn't the best at composing photos. Nevertheless, here's a photo of my outfit- I was the Jessica Rabbit (Halloween style) to Leona's Roger Rabbit. The dress and gloves are both from ebay. Unfortunately, I had to dance with my arms out at right angles all night because the sequins completely ripped up my underarms! Ouch! 

Totally looks like Nadine and Leona are about to kiss, amiright?

I set up a little cake-and-cookie decoration station and held The Great Blogger Bake Off. Myles chose Alyssia as the winner with her Weeping Angel-inspired cookie.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the finished product, but here it is in the making. Sarah made the #BloggersHalloween cookies in the first photo, which I love! 
Zoe got creative with the silver balls. She also got creative with the pumpkins. I'm not going to tell you what she and Sarah drew on them!
My boo! 
It was then time to count up the votes for the fancy dress competition. The Candy Corn Yankee Candle for most creative costume went to Leona's Roger Rabbit, the MAC Darkside lipstick for funniest costume went to Nadine's Pikachu (her tail dancing was quite the sight to behold!) and the unanimous vote went to Alyssia for the scariest costume. It included the creepiest mask, but I didn't get a photo of it unfortunately. 

Therfore, best overall costume, and winner of the zombie boot camp c/o Ladbrokes, went to...
Only now do I realise just how much Alyssia won! She ended up with a Lush Pumkin Bath Ballistic, a Witches Brew Yankee Candle (which she later dropped and smashed) and the zombie bootcamp! Somebody's lucky night! 
It was then time for the apple bobbing tournament. We competed against each other in head-to-head battles and the first to grab an apple went through to the next round.

In the end, and after three battles between Myles and Leona, who tied each time, the joint winners were announced as Zoe and Myles. 
He was a little confused as to what a bath ballistic was (I quote: "Is it a cake?") but after finding out its purpose, he kindly donated his prize to Sarah. 
After the party, we headed back to the hotel, where Leona and I snuggled up in bed together (of course!) and talked about Harry Potter until at least 3am. 
She had to dash off in the morning, so I took advantage of the insanely comfortable bed and started editing my photos. 
I watched a spot of Jeremy Kyle too, of course!
Alyssia, Beth and I then headed to Guildford for a spot of shopping. On the way to the station, we bumped into Sarah and took quick detour to Clinton's, which resulted in us all acting as enablers and convincing each other to buy Yankee Candles. 
We had to leave Sarah on the platform as she was going straight home to attend another event- Her third in a week! Blogging is a busy life! 
After buying out the entirety of Lush, and spending far too much time stroking onesies in Primark, we had a spot of lunch in TGI Friday's. We ended up spending 2 hours in there, but it was lovely to catch up! I'd already met Alyssia, but it didn't feel like I'd only met Beth 24 hours ago!
We had the prettiest drinks- A Passionate Sunrise and Bubblegum Daiquiri. After assuring me that the daiquiri was non-alcoholic (yes, I know daiquiris are usually alcoholic. That's why I asked!), the -adorable and very lovely- waitress sheepishly informed me that actually "there is a little bit of rum in it". It was just too pretty to resist though. It really tasted like bubblegum and it had popping candy around the rim of the glass. Delicious! 

Even the slushies are blog-perfect!

Phew! I had a busy couple of days! From leaving the house at 8:30am to buy decorations on Thursday, to arriving home at 5pm yesterday evening, it has been non-stop. Although it's been very tiring (not to mention stressful, as I'm sure Leona and Marie will testify!), I have had so much fun and made some wonderful new real-life friends too! 

I'm even thinking about organising a casual bloggers sleepover in the summer. Watch this space...


  1. Becky you goddess! You look gorgeous!!!!
    Brilliant cosstume, and looks like so much fun!! :)

    Kelly from :)

  2. Ah, I so wish I could have been there, you all look like bodalicious babes! xx

  3. You look incredible, and looks like you really know how to throw a party :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  4. It was an awesome party and I had lots of fun shopping too :D x

    Tinkerbell and the Lost Girls

  5. looks like you threw an amazin Halloween party! everyone looks so great! well done you. x

  6. it looks like you had a wonderful time :D

  7. Sounds like you all had so much fun! Such a great idea/event. All the costumes looked great. xx

  8. It looks like you all had a fab time! Wish I could of came! Xxx

  9. I looks like it was so much fun! Glad that everyone enjoyed themselves, but I'm super upset that I couldn't be there!

  10. Aww wow it looks like so much fun!! :)

    Helen x

  11. Best party ever! I'm already thinking of planning one of my own ;) xxx

  12. Looks like you had a great time with a bit of JKyle thrown in ;) I NEED to dress up next year...killer bride maybe... x

  13. Yayyyyy - big blog lovee - this was so much fun - am just writing up my post now! :)

    Love Zoe x

  14. Great post, it can't have been easy organising all of that, but looks like you all had a fabulous time! :]

  15. I'm so gutted I missed out on this - silly Uni schedule! - looks like you all had such a fab time and everyone's costumes looked so good :) xoxo

  16. Sounds like you had such a lovely time and I'm glad as it looked like it took a lot of work! Wish I wasn't over the sea and could have gone :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid


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