Danielle looks so adorable
I absolutely love these photos of Carnaby Street in the late 60s
Donna's photos of the abandoned Spreepark in Berlin are incredible! 
I began watching Lisette's videos this week and she is so sweet. Her personality really shines through and she's hilarious. 
This is so very true! 
Andre Govia's photos of abandoned buildings are the most hauntingly beautiful images I've ever seen! 
I have never seen a more beautiful bride than Megan
Speaking of beautiful brides, my mum's cousin Helen just got married and her wedding photos are absolutely stunning! 

Other stuff
This awesome list of the most 90s things to happen ever. Watch the video. It's pretty emotional for us oldies! 

I totally agree with this. DO NOT CUT UP BOOKS FOR CRAFT PROJECTS!

Look at these amazing underwater photos

This Tumblr sticks googly eyes on books and it's hilarious! 


  1. Thanks for the mention lovely, Spreepark is phenomenal! Just one thing, it's Donna (Peggy is Kim of whatpeggysaid?) As always, super appreciative of any lovely thing you xx

  2. Aw thank you, Becky! :D Ahhh Megan is so gorgeous!


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