Book review: My Booky Wook

My Booky Wook- Russell Brand
I like Russell Brand a lot. Not in the *wink-wink* kind of way. Not in a following-him-around-the-country-on-tour way either. Not even in a go-out-of-my-way-to-watch-him-on-TV way. It's just that when he is on TV, and I happen to be watching, he strikes me as somebody very intelligent, very passionate and very honest with himself. I appreciate that in a person. It made sense to read his autobiography, especially as I'd heard such good things about it.  

Oh dear. It turns out that there is nothing exciting or interesting about an ex-drug addict's life. Heroin, sleeping around, rehab. Repeat for 400 pages. I read Anthony Kiedis' autobiography when I was 16 and this was almost identical. I guess it makes sense that drug addicts don't do much other than chase their next fix.

As I expected, the book is filled with Brand's verbose, poetic language. I love words and I love the English language, so this was right up my street but, towards the end, I noticed more and more errors popping up. Was it deliberate? Who knows?

Although I didn't hate My Booky Wook, there was nothing particularly enjoyable. I expected laugh out loud moments, mixed with tragedy, perhaps some bordering-on-libellous anecdotes, but no. None of that at all.

Funnily enough, I'm writing this review the day after Russell Brand's interview with Jeremy Paxman (if you haven't seen it yet, watch it now!). It reminded me why I liked him so much. I suspect a lot of people expect very little from him, but then he hits them with his insane articulacy, understanding of political ideals and cheeky humour. It seems to me that the magic is in his delivery. When written down, his words just don't carry the same weight. 


  1. i have to agree. although, i did enjoy this book more than you (and more than the sequal, which is just aaaall about katy perry) by the sounds of it. i think the thing that makes him 'funnier' in the flesh is his timing, his presence and his personality. he doesn't resonate on paper, like you say. i have seen him live a few times now, and i always leave thinking 'yes, funny guy!', but i kind of felt... awkward reading the books. //rant

    1. Oh, I definitely won't be reading the sequel! I felt awkward reading them too!

  2. Oh this is so disappointing! I love Russell Brand so much and was considering buying this, but maybe I'll just check if the library has it instead :( xx

  3. I started reading this and gave up after about 200 pages and I NEVER do that.
    It did just fall a bit flat for me too. Shame.
    Still love him though.
    M Life Outside London

    1. I never give up on a book either but I totally understand why you did!


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