101 in 1001 XXVIII

It's not really come as a surprise to me that I didn't achieve as many of my 101 in 1001 goals as I did last month. In April, I went to Austria, Manchester, Oxford, went to the theatre- twice- and generally had a gay ol' time. In May, I pretty much sat on the sofa for the entire month. Still, this does mean I got a lot of reading done so swings and roundabouts!

#56 Watch 50 new-to-me films 19/50
Groundhog Day Blackfish
When watching Greatest 90s Films on Channel 5, Rich was astounded by how many classics I hadn't seen. I'm just not much of a film person- in fact, the last time I watched a new was January so I'm really not a film person! However, Rich did manage to convince me to watch Groundhog Day. I also finally got round to watching Blackfish.

#79 See 10 gigs 3/10
Funeral for a Friend Last Chance to Dance
You know, I don't think I'm going to achieve this goal. I rarely go to gigs these days since very few of my favourite bands are still touring. This month I went to both of Funeral for a Friend's final shows in London and it was emotional to say the least! 

#84 Eat in 10 new-to-me London restaurants 3/10
Cereal Killer Cafe
When in London for Funeral for a Friend, Marie and I finally got to experience the Cereal Killer Cafe. It was amazing- you can actually sit on beds! I'll definitely be going back and I don't care how hipster that makes me! Excuse the terrible phone photo!

#90 Read 125 books (59/125)
Pile of books
Eight books, guys. Over 2100 pages. I've been making a real effort to find more time to read and I'm very proud of myself! I'll be talking about all of these on my YouTube channel next week so keep an eye out on that if you want to know my thoughts on them.

#96 Visit 10 new-to-me museums 7/10
Jack the Ripper Museum London
Marie and I also visited the Jack the Ripper museum while in London. The woman working in the gift shop was absolutely lovely and very knowledgeable but I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know.

I've already got a couple of things planned for June so hopefully I have a slightly more productive month!

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  1. The Cereal Killer Cafe and Jack the Ripper museum look awesome! I love the 101 in 1001 idea!

  2. It seems like you had a lot of fun this month. The cereal killer cafe looks freaking amazing.
    And watching a favorite band's last show is so heartbreaking, but I'm glad you were able to be there for it.

  3. This is such an amazing idea, I just checked out your full list of goals and its left me very inspired! Such a short time limit is quite intimidating but you seem to be powering through. Loving these updates!

    Beth x

  4. The Cereal Killer Cafe and the Jack the Ripper museum are definitely on my 'to visit' list. They both sound so interesting - in totally different ways, of course! x x

  5. Ahh I really wanna go to The Cereal Killer Cafe! It looks so cool, really wanna try the Unicorn Poop bowl - SHOCK!

    Megan xo
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