Jewellery Box // Simple Silver for Summer

Recently, Jewellery Box asked if I would like to try out some of their pieces and suggested I send an indication of the kind of jewellery I like so they could put together a personalised package. I told them that I like simple pieces, dinosaurs and anything with the letter B, and boy, did they pull through! I'm ecstatic with the jewellery I opened up so I'm really excited to share it with you.
Jewellery Box silver Stegosaurus dinosaur Necklace
Since I absolutely love dinosaurs, I've had my eyes on their extensive dinosaur range for quite some time now so I was over the moon to receive not one, but two dino-themed pieces of jewellery! The first was this sterling silver Stegosaurus necklace which I cannot wait to wear. I already know exactly what I'm going to pair it with, and I'll be taking it with me to Amsterdam for OOTDs, so keep an eye out for that!
Jewellery Box Diplodocus dinosaur stud earrings
As if that wasn't enough, I also received these absolutely fricking adorable Diplodocus earrings. Look at them! They're so tiny and delicate but also have this quirky dinosaur design. Aren't they the best?!
Jewellery Box silver customised initial bracelet
Finally, this pretty B initial bangle is just lovely. I have small hands and wrists so I can find it difficult to find bracelets to fit but this is absolutely perfect- it slides on easily but doesn't slip off. I recently wore it to a wedding and it was the ideal understated piece to complement my outfit. Although I've worn a fair few bracelets in my time, I don't think I've ever worn a bangle (unless we count those black rubber things that were the height of my teenage emo aesthetic!) but I love it. Definitely going to be buying a few more bangles now! 
Jewellery Box UK Packaging
If you're looking for cute, quirky jewellery, I highly recommend Jewellery Box. Even the packaging is lovely- little brown paper packages tied up with string which, as we all know, should be one of your favourite things.
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  1. Love the dino jewellery, so cute! Beth xxx

  2. oh the dinosaur goodies are too cute! Love them!

  3. The earrings are SO CUTE!!

  4. The pieces from The Jewellery Box are always amazing. I like how dainty their pieces are. I love the little dinosaur details! x

  5. Aww I love these so much! I think I love the teeny earrings the most! So cute!
    Sarah xxx

  6. Those pieces are so cute and who doesn't love brown paper packages tied up with string?! So cute and vintage!

    Isobel x

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  7. Their Dino range is amazing. I love those earrings! x x

  8. Those earrings are adorable! I loved the bits I received from them too x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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