My Top 5 Eurovision Moments

Unlike seemingly every other blogger in the world, I haven't been obsessed with Eurovision since I was a little girl. I vaguely remember watching the 1998 contest at my Dad's flat- and being completely confused because Israel isn't a European country- and I have such strong memories of the 1999 one (in fact, I can still remember the words to our entry Say It Again. In my diary, I wrote that we were definitely going to win that year because our song was- and I quote- "really jazzy". I was gutted that I missed out on their performance because we didn't leave Pizza Hut soon enough). However, aside from those two incidences, I didn't watch it again until 2006, and that's only because I was stuck inside babysitting my cousin and I knew Lordi were entering. I think the first time I actually got excited about Eurovision was in 2012, so I'm more or less a newcomer to this world. Nevertheless, I absolutely bloody love it and I get super excited every year. One day I will go and see it in person. Or sign myself up as the UK entry. Either or. 
Since it's the second semi-final tonight, and the final itself on Saturday, I thought it would be fun to do a little round up of my favourite Eurovision entries. Nothing like a bit of camp competition!


Buranovskiye Babushki, to give them their real name. Six elderly Russian women shouting "Come on and dance!"? Yes please! Look at their little faces. They are having the time of their lives! They placed second which, if you ask me, is a complete farce. They had a combined age of 408 years and all the money they raised went towards building a church. This is the performance that beat them. Really, Europe? Really? Where's the fun in that, eh?

Watch Buranovskiye Babushki here


I know the 2014 Polish entry from Donatan & Cleo was really unpopular because, well, they tried to use sex to get ahead and failed miserably but I actually really enjoyed the song. Bite me. Cleo's outfit was also really cute and I spent ages looking for a similar skirt. I'd probably have better luck if I actually looked in Poland. Here's a fun game: When you listen to the song, try to identify which bits are sung in Polish and which are in English. With everything else going on, I didn't even notice the language switches until I'd listened to it a good few times.

Watch Donatan & Cleo here


*If the sub-heading above says "Gross", that's because Google is autotranslating from Finnish. So Lordi means "gross" in Finnish- there's your fact for the day.

In 2006, I was Emo Queen of the World. Yeah, I know Lordi aren't emo, just bear with me a second. Since My Chemical Romance were all over the UK festival circuit at this time, I was going to Download every year which is obviously much more metal focused. Because of that, I became aware of Nordic metal acts such as Lordi (See, we got there in the end). It would be wrong to say I was a fan but I was aware of their presence within the rock and metal scene, so I was super excited to see them entered into Eurovision in 2006. While watching it, I was hugely offended that Sir Terry seemed to think they were just a comedy act but I never expected them to win. Man, was it exciting when they did! It was even more exciting the next Saturday when my local rock club played Hard Rock Hallelujah to celebrate Lordi's success. Ah, good times! And ten whole years ago. Haha ha haaaaa.... Christ, I'm old.

Watch Lordi here


I had a really tough time deciding which of these next two songs was my favourite. I love them both for very different reasons but I think it's only right to keep this one off the top spot. I don't think there has ever been a Eurovision performance as underrated as this one from Nadav Guedj. I really, really love the whole song and the way it blends traditional and modern music, I love the fact that he's only 16 even though he looks like he's on his way to the office to pay for his third mortgage but my absolute favourite thing is the lyrics: I'm the Golden Boy... I'm the King of Fun and, the best lyric ever in the history of song writing, Before you leave let me show you Tel Aviv. Oh God, it's amazing. And to think it only placed ninth. Outrageous!

Watch Nadav Guedj here


This song, man. This song. The first time I saw it, it made all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and tears were streaming. Everything is so beautiful- the song, Conchita, her dress... I had the complete honour of seeing her perform at Gay Pride just a few weeks after she won Eurovision and she was absolutely incredible. Every time I watch her Eurovision performance, I gasp at that big note. It never gets any less spectacular for me. Rich doesn't like it when I sing along though.

Watch Conchita Wurst here

Next year, I'm 100% having a Eurovision party at my house. Who's in?

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  1. I have legit watched it once, because: Australia.

  2. I have always loved Eurovision. I never miss it. Everyone gets funnier on twitter when it rolls around and it's my favourite time of the year to be glued to twitter. I have loads to say on the subject but I'll just stop there

  3. I love eurovision. I was also convinced that Say it again was going to win in 1999. Since then I've learned! Last year I had a mini party and this year since my partner is working it'll just be me, twitter and my "european snacks". Can't wait :) x

  4. Riiiiiiiiiiiise like a phoenix!!! GLORIOUS! Remember Ruslana's wild dances? There was also a vampiric pirate from Romania or something...


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