Carrie looks super cute in this summery yellow striped dress.
Beautiful blogging office workspace
My blogging "office" is the sofa and my footstool, which is really just used as a place to store miscellaneous junk that doesn't have anywhere else to go, so I'm insanely jealous of Becky's beautiful workspace.
No7 Instant Radiance Foundation
We can all agree that Imii has the most beautiful photography, right? I don't even care what the foundation review says. I'm just here for that photo.
River Island Plus Size
I'm not particularly enamoured with the River Island plus size collection but the lace dress Callie's wearing is exceptional!
Denim dungarees
Olivia looks absolutely gorgeous in these denim dungarees.
chocolate covered peanut butter bites recipe
Don't read Helen's no-bake chocolate covered peanut butter bites recipe because it will make you crave chocolate. I'm warning you...
floral flower print mini dress orange
Lucy's bright floral dress is perfect for summer!
White bedroom dressing table
Jordan's white bedroom is ridiculously pretty!
Photo Challenge Instagram
I always forget to post on Instagram so I'm hoping to remember this June photo challenge (I'll probably forget though!)
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  1. That work space is perfect! Also that photo challenge I definitely think I'll have a go at it! Your right about that plus size dress, it looks lovely on her!

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  2. OMG, thank you for featuring me!
    I always check out these little posts for inspiration and who do I stumbled across - ME!

    You da best!



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