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Throughout my life, I've been strong in my own character and sense of self-belief. Don't get me wrong, I have hang ups like everybody else and, believe me, I've suffered from terrible low self-esteem, but I've always been very sure about who I am; what makes me special, what makes me unique, what makes me me. It's because of this that I love the new Evans #IAmMe campaign, which celebrates all the important things about each of us, regardless of our body shape. Since I'm a big advocate of owning your personality- both the good qualities and those that may be a little problematic at times- I've decided to share five things that make me who I am.
Evans #IAmMe

There was one lesson I took away with me from my therapy sessions. Just one, and it is this: It's ok to admit I'm intelligent. For the longest time, I thought I had a superiority complex because I believed I was more intelligent than others. My therapist said "If Usain Bolt said to you 'I'm a faster runner than you', would you be offended?" Well, no. Of course not. He is a faster runner than me. "So why is it so difficult to accept that you're more intelligent than some others?" Since then, I have been owning my intelligence. So yes, I'm really bloody clever... and I'm finally proud of it.


Remember what I said about owning the not-so-great parts of your personality? This is one of them. I probably could put a twist on it and say I'm determined but, let's be honest, I am stubborn as a mule. If I don't want to do something, I am not going to do it. If I do want something and you tell me I can't, just watch me! Yes, my poor husband may get the brunt of my stubborn side but if it wasn't for this element of my personality, I would never have gone back to university and got that first class honour's degree. Certain people told me I'd never do it. They were wrong. 


At least, I think I'm funny, and that's the most important thing right? I have a quick wit and a fairly sophisticated sense of humour. (Don't let me fool you into thinking I'm a snob, though- I will never find anything more hilarious than people walking into doors) About three years ago, I attended a casting for a TV show and the two production members were in stitches from my answers. For the first time, I realised I had the power to make other people laugh and I loved it! Genuinely, I think I'd be an amazing comedian. I just need to muster up the courage to go for it!


At the age of 18, I realised I didn't care what other people thought about me any more. Mostly because I completely accepted every fault I had. Call me annoying, call me selfish, call me stubborn. It's not going to upset me because- spoiler alert- it's true. Not only am I resilient to what other people say about me but I'm also able to bounce back from any setback. I've been through enough in life to know that every bad experience only adds to who you are and will lead to something better. I've had some hard times but I'm a tough cookie and now I can get through anything, regardless of what anybody else thinks about me.

Most importantly though...


Have a watch of the video yourself and, from today, challenge yourself to accept every aspect of your personality. Own all the little quirks that make you who you are. Stand up tall, be proud and shout it from the rooftops: #IAmMe

Post sponsored by Evans but all personality quirks my own.

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  1. Love this post! I think knowing who you are and what you like about yourself is one of the most important (but also one of the most difficult) things in life. You seem to have mastered it more than I have, which I greatly admire!

    Keep being you - you're a pretty freaking awesome person.


  2. You.are.ossum. love this xoxo

  3. Love this! Fantastic post and it's so important to embrace who you are. xx

  4. Totes inspirational you, aren't you?! Loved this post and how these little personality traits add up to be ... well, you! I like to think I'm funny, too. Though my humour is a mix of the dryest, sarcasticest, sweariest and immaturist elements; so I'm somewhat of an acquired taste hahaha

    N xx | Lovelaughslipstick x

  5. I think it's great that you feel so sure of yourself and can accept both your good and bad points - self-acceptance is such an important thing and I really wish I could find it for myself. I can very easily point out everything that's bad about me, but struggle a lot to identify anything good about myself. Hopefully this campaign will help others to feel a little more at peace with themselves though.

    Jenny xx


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