Review // Diptyque Rosaviola Candle

For Valentine's Day, Rich bought me the limited edition Diptyque Rosaviola candle. I'd like to say he thought of it himself but in reality there was very heavy hinting involved! I know it's way too late to buy the candle now so this won't really be much use to anyone but it's too pretty not to share!
Diptyque Rosaviola Candle Review
This is my fifth Diptyque candle (link to the other four reviews below) but by far the prettiest with its frosted pink glass jar and fabric label designed by Olympia Le Tan. When it's lit, the flame shines through the glass in such a beautiful way, resulting in this lovely glow radiating from within. So much more soft and delicate than the usual clear jars.

"Soft and delicate" is also the perfect way to describe the fragrance. With rose and violet, the scent is super floral with an almost powdery key note. Although this combination has the potential to be very overwhelming and maybe even a bit "mature", it's subtle enough to fill the air with a hint of the fragrance, rather than a pungent cloud of scent. To be honest, I was a little disappointed at first. Before I lit the candle, it had been sitting in its cute pink box on the shelf next to my sofa and I kept getting powerful wafts of the fragrance. I couldn't wait to light it. Unfortunately, the fragrance was barely even detectable for the first couple of hours. As the surface wax melted, it became more and more noticeable until it reached its peak after around five hours. At this point, I was much more satisfied!

Now, I know that to create an even burn and prevent tunnelling, you need to allow the entire surface wax to melt completely before blowing it out. Despite this, a couple of my previous candles (Pomander and Vanille) still refused to burn evenly. No such problems with Rosaviola, thankfully! I first lit my candle in early afternoon, knowing I'd have to give it a good few hours to burn, and five hours later the whole surface was melted. Although this happened a little faster than some of my other candles, it does mean the wax stays level and prevents waste, so I'll take it! 

I am so happy with this candle! Although it's limited edition, perhaps I can burn a rose and violet-scented candle at the same time to create a similar fragrance?


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  1. The fabric label is so cute!!

  2. I love candles but I've never invested in one. Do they last much longer than your cheap and cheerfuls? x

  3. I've always heard such good things about the Diptyque candles but never invested in one before. I love the label and packaging for this one though, so cute! - Tasha

  4. I'm yet to try a Diptyque candle, but am so tempted! This one is right up my street with the pink packaging and gorgeous label - I'm keeping my fingers crossed they might bring out something similar again!

    Jenny xx


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