27th April 2013

Dress: Topshop

I'm having a very lazy day today! I was all ready to go to London for the Vogue festival (and sneak into a quick detour to the Gasogian Gallery for the Rachel Whiteread exhibition) when I suddenly realised that my ticket is for tomorrow. Luckily, I noticed last night and didn't have the embarrassment of actually turning up on the wrong day!

I played around with my hair a bit today. Just the childish act of piling it up in different directions and seeing what it looks like. I discovered what I would have looked like in 1994.


  1. I have this dress/pinafore! It also looks lovely over shirts and things :) xx

  2. Have fun! Look forward to seeing your coverage about the Vogue Festival.

    Inspirations & Celebrations

  3. Your hair looks really good like this because of your waves!
    I almost brought this dress but I didn't, wish I had now.

    Hope you have a super fun time at Vogue!

    Kelly ||

  4. This little pinafore really suits you! You look really cute. You get more dressed up than me on a lazy day, haha. I have pjamas for days like that! :) x

    1. Oh, trust me, I'm usually in a onesie! I had to pop into town though, so I thought clothing was probably best!

  5. I love your lipstick!

  6. I've got that dress! Was only £10 in the sale so couldn't resist. Hope you managed to get it at this bargainous price. I've hardly had it off since I bought it. Have fun at the festival x

  7. Ahh you look lovely, I love an LBD with a bright lippy!

    PS. I have a new ootd if you want a look :)

  8. You look so cute! Love you hair, mine never does what it's told when I just throw it up- rubbish!! xx


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