What's in my bag: Weekend edition

After the fun I had creating last month's What's in my Bag post, I figured I would do one to show you lovelies what's in my weekend bag. 

I was lucky enough to win a gift voucher in a giveaway, and used it to buy this cute backpack from Chicwish. I really love it. It's the perfect size for the weekend, so adorable and it makes carrying all my stuff a doddle. Pretty and practical! 

Clockwise from top left:

Obviously this is a given. Who doesn't love to hear their favourite music as they're out and about? Especially now that Spring is rapidly surrounding us, I love to hear some happy, summery tunes. 

Business cards
After all, you never know who you might bump into! Plus, I think everyone feels pretty grown up carrying business cards around!

Of course. I use my phone for blogging stuff a lot. Email, analytics, Twitter, Hootsuite, Bloglovin'... If I'm out and about, I can still carry out essential bloggy work.

I've had this purse for a year now and it's getting a little bedraggled. I think I'm going to keep my eye out for a new one soon.

Any red lip product is a necessity for me! 

Receipts and bus tickets
They just accumulate!

Train tickets
Yeah, spot the non-driver!

Complete with lipstick blotting marks. I'm a classy bird like that! 

Envelope and note from Today I'm Wearing
I was lucky enough to win a £100 Topshop voucher from them. They sent me this cute little handwritten note with it! Ps: Do you like the strategic hiding of my address?

Topshop voucher pocket and flyer
Vouchers are now spent, of course, but I still have the pocket because I'm one of those people who never gets round to emptying their bags! As for the Topshop flyer, I don't even remember picking it up. I'm pretty sure I go into a trance as soon as I enter the shop!

Newspaper clippings
My grandma gave me a magazine that her friend had given to her. These press clippings about IVF treatment for gay couples and over-40s were inside. I assume my grandma's friend cut them out since, as far as I know, she has no desire for more children!! Again, I never got round to throwing them out.

Diana F+ camera and spare film
Complete with fish eye lens at the moment. I carry my Diana everywhere with me, and I'm really trying to use her more often. I keep forgetting she's in there!

What do you carry around at the weekend?


  1. Adorable post!

    Emma x

  2. Your backpack is all kinds of cute!

  3. I see there's someone like me who just can't seem to get rid of receipts in their bag! hehe. Love your bag and its spring-y color. <3


    1. I just stuff them in there and then forget about them!

  4. I love the camera and bag!You're lucky you still have an iPod mine got damaged when I spilt my water bottle in my bag :-( xx

  5. Lovely bag! Great pic as well, really good 'what's in my bag'! I'm tempted to do one on my blog I must say!:)
    Sassy x

    1. Thank you so much! You should definitely do one!

  6. I love these types of posts! I never get sick of them. I really like your bag here, my fave shade of green x

  7. This looks very similar to my kind of weekend bag! Especially the train tickets, forever traveling! I'm also in love with the colour of that bag, spotted a similar one in TK Maxx the other week :)

    louisejoyb x

  8. Love your bag! x

  9. Stumbled across your blog through BBN! I LOVE the layout and colors! I'm a new-ish blogger and I'm so happy to have found yours! I have been wanting to do a "what's in my bag" blog but didn't know how - you do it SO marvelously!!! Thanks for sharing :)


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