Word of April Review

Ok, so I've only been doing Words of the Month for two months now, but this one was definitely my favourite! I have to admit, I did a pretty good job too!

1. Publish two outfit posts per week
I did this! I actually published more sometimes too! 

2. Take the Diana camera out once a week
I got it into my head that my goal was to take 4 photos a week, although this wasn't what I wrote down. I managed to take more than 4 photos each week, and now I have three rolls of film to be developed! As soon as I receive them, I'll post them up for you to see.

3. Create my next issue of Becky Bedbug magazine
Hmmm... I was behind on even publishing the first magazine! I have half the magazine done and ready to publish but there's still some finishing off I need to do. Maybe next month...

I actually found my goals really easy to achieve. It's my aim to keep going with these from now on. I know I can do it, so there's no reason why I can't! 

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  1. I REALLY need to start taking my Diana out. I've had it 3 years I think and not once have I used it. Oops. xx


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