Review: Morrocan Oil

I'd been meaning to buy Moroccan Oil for the longest time. Back in October, I picked up the cheap Primark version, and I was surprised at how good it was for the price. Then it ran out and I thought it was high time that I splashed out on the original. Then, conveniently, I noticed that Vogue were sending them out as free gifts with subscriptions. My Vogue subscription had just finished, so I re-subscribed and killed two birds with one stone. Happy days!

I was really impressed that it comes with a pump dispenser. This makes it so easy to apply, as I just pump twice and know that I have the perfect amount. 
The oil is a dark orange shade, but it comes in a light version if you have blonde hair, and has a syrupy consistency. It smells amazing- Just like Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male. Yum! 

On curly hair
This is how my natural hair looks without Moroccan Oil:
 And this is how it looks afterwards:
As you can see, there's no real difference. My hair is still frizzy on top and the curls at the bottom are slightly more defined, but barely noticable. It does feel a lot nicer and seems glossier, although this hasn't been picked up in the photos.

On straight hair
It's a lot more effective when my hair has been straightened. It looks pretty subtle in these photos as it's difficult to see the shine. However. if you look closely, you can see my hair has a lot of flyaway hairs around the bottom half.

After applying the Moroccan Oil, however, the flyaways are smoothed down, the ends have a cleaner finish, and it is super shiny. 
I do love my Moroccan Oil! Has anybody else used it? 

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  1. I've never tried Moroccan Oil but I want too! You are so pretty and I love your hair wavy and straight!


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