101 in 1001 finale!

I can't quite believe this day is here! Almost three years ago now, as a blogger of just four months old, I set myself 101 goals to complete by 7th April 2015- 1001 days later. The more astute among you may have realised that this date was two days ago and therefore the end of my 1001 days. Back then, this day seemed so far away and, admittedly, some of my goals were a little ambitious. Now that time is up, let's take a look at how I got on...
I'm taking the unusual step of adding a "read more" here as this is going to be a loooong post! 

Click on the completed goals to see the blog post relating to each target. Where I've met the target more than once, I've just included the latest example.

1. Get an Ofsted outstanding grade
Frustratingly, Ofsted have since stopped grading lessons! I was recently "got" by them and I had very positive feedback so it's a possibility!

2. Pass induction- DONE!
It's crazy to think when I started this, I hadn't even passed my first year of teaching!

3. Start a master's degree
Eh, no! Maybe in the next 1001 days!

4. Start an after school club- DONE!
I was running English and maths booster groups after school for a while.

5. Start a research paper
See number 3!

6. Become art co-ordinator- DONE!
Yes! There was a spot to be filled and I asked for it. Simple! To be honest, my poor health means I haven't done much with the position but it's something to work on next year.

7. Organise a charity day at work
Not yet...

8. Become year leader
Still not yet but there's always next year, or the year after that!

9. Sponsor a lovely blog- DONE!
Too many to count!

10. Get business cards printed- DONE!

I've even changed my business card design twice since!

11. Post a vlog- DONE!
Something I still do from time to time. I'm not exactly the world's most consistent vlogger!

12. Attend a blogging event- DONE!
So many that I couldn't begin to list them all!

13. Meet a blogger in real life- DONE!
Not only have I met bloggers but I had one as my bridesmaid!

14. Go to a blogger meet up- DONE!

I even hosted my own, once upon a time!

15. Start a blog magazine
I started to do this (I can't even remember what I called it) but then I got bored and gave up pretty sharpish.

16. Get a custom blog logo- DONE!
See that little logo up there with the circus top? That's the one!

17. Reach 1500 followers- DONE!
Nearly at 2000 now. Woohoo!

18. Get a custom blog design- DONE!
Ooh yeah! It's been nearly 2 years now and I still love it just as much as I did the day I got it.

19. Attend London Fashion Week- DONE!
I didn't realise just how easy it was when I originally wrote my list so it's not exactly a huge achievement!

20. Visit Sweden
Unfortunately no. One for the next list!

21. Visit Germany
See above

22. Visit my brother in Liverpool
Erm, nope. I'm a terrible sister!

23. Visit Whitstable
Shall we just say I failed all of my travel goals?

24. Visit Platform 9 3/4 on September 1st- DONE!
It was amazing! There were dozens of magical folk waiting to board the Hogwarts Express!

25. Visit Florida again- DONE!
I don't like thinking about this too much because it was the best time of my life and it makes me sad if I think about it too long. TAKE ME BACK!

26. Take my little bro to a festival/ gig
Myles used to have decent taste in music but not so much any more. This may never happen!

27. Go to Legoland
Why have I not done this yet? This needs to be rectified!

28. Visit Oxford for a day trip
I was supposed to be doing this over the past week but I couldn't find the time. Boo!

29. Visit Bath for a day trip- DONE!
It's a beautiful city!

30. Visit Highgate cemetery- DONE!
The most stunning cemetery and absolutely huge. All morbid folk should visit!

31. Visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour- DONE!
Done, done, done, done and done! I've been a bit!

32. Go to Thorpe Park/ Alton Towers- DONE!
I've been to both over the past year and I have plans to go again before too long.

33. Learn to speak more German
I started to learn with Duolingo, which is fantastic, but I didn't keep it up.

34. Visit Bristol- DONE!
Not only done, but I met my boo Leona there!

35. Visit London Dungeons- DONE!
It wasn't as scary as I was expecting thankfully!

36. Visit the Angel of the North
Something I still want to do.

37. Visit Finkley Down Farm
Nope, still not done.

38. Visit Birdworld
Man, now I really want to visit Birdworld!

39. Visit the Museum of Childhood- DONE!
There were loads of toys there that I played with as a child. So nostalgic!

40. Scan in all my photos
So I've been putting this off for almost three years now!

41. Make my own plugs
I bought all the stuff for it but just never got round to it. Story of my life!

42. Buy a piece of art for the home- DONE!
I've bought a couple but still want more!

43. Buy a collection of art books- DONE!
This is on going but I have a nice little selection now.

44. Attend a Stuff & Nonsense workshop- DONE!
This is a taxidermy class and, after some reassurance on Twitter, I've decided I'll be posting about my taxidermy later this week.

45. Crochet a granny square
I have zero idea how to crochet!

46. Crochet a granny blanket
See above

47. See a Tracey Emin exhibition
There haven't been any! My Bed has recently returned to Tate though so I'm looking forward to seeing it soon!

48. Buy a ukulele- DONE!
Well, it was a birthday present. Still counts!

49. Learn to play the ukulele
Kind of... I learned to play a couple of songs but I'm not sure if I'll remember them now.

50. Learn to use my DSLR properly- DONE!
Of course this is one of those things you never stop learning but I've definitely improved.

51. Shoot 10 rolls of film
I think I shot 2.5. I really want to get back into this.

52. Paint the shed
I had such high hopes for our garden. If only you could see it now...

53. Pick up knitting again- DONE!
I made a whole bunch of little hats for Innocence smoothies. I haven't done any knitting in ages but at least I know how to do it.

54. Plant flowers
I don't even know why this is on the list. I am so not a flower person!

55. Design and make an item of clothing
I just don't have the patience, as much as I would love to!

56. Buy an art pass- DONE!
It's well worth buying an art pass if you go to a lot of museums and galleries. I've saved so much money!

57. See all the exhibitions on my list- DONE!
There have been so many great exhibitions over the past three years but I still have more on my list!

58. Learn to play the accordion
Erm, I bought an accordion. Is that close enough?

59. Learn the play the drums
When I wrote this list, Myles was playing the drums and I thought he could teach me. That's no longer happening so my goal didn't get done.

60. Put up a shelf- DONE!
We've put up 5 shelves, in fact. Well, Rich has. You didn't expect me to put the shelf up, right?

61. Take an Old Me, New Me photo- DONE!
This was a lot of fun! I've got plans to take another special one though!

62. Sort out the spare room
I finally, finally started doing this a couple of weeks ago! Now I just need to finish it off.

63. Make one thing a week over summer
I've barely made a thing!

64. Buy Dior sunglasses
Maybe I'll get this done when I sort out my contact lenses.

65. Buy a chair for the dressing room- DONE!
My Grandma gave me her dressing room stool when she moved out.

66. Buy a mirror for the dressing room- DONE!
I got one for Christmas and it's perfection!

67. Own a designer handbag
I love how this is phrased as own, rather than buy. Like I'm just going to take one or something. Needless to say, I haven't bought or owned one.

68. Buy a granny blanket- DONE!
I might not have been able to crochet one but I have bought a couple

69. Buy a vest top in every colour- DONE!
Kind of. I've bought a ton of different coloured vests but we all know you can never have too many vest tops!

70. Buy a t shirt in every colour
I've not been quite so keen to buy t shirts.

71. Buy my wedding dress- DONE!
Well, it would have been difficult to get married without it!

72. Collect my perfume wishlist- DONE!
I bloody love perfumes but I always forget to wear them. I mean always.

73. Buy another wardrobe
Nope. I'm not sure if I really want to anymore. We may turn the spare room into a walk-in wardrobe kinda thang.

74. Buy a vintage accordion- DONE!
In Winchester, I found a beautiful accordion!

75. Sell my excess clothes
I've got them bagged up ready for a car boot sale. I just need a car boot... and the ability to drive.

76. Buy a new camera- DONE!
Now I want a new lens or two!

77. Buy deckchairs
This goes nicely with the next one.

78. Buy a patio set
Like the deckchairs, there's no point because we'd put them in the garden and never find them again!

79. Buy Prada sunglasses
Just like the Dior sunglasses, I need to sort out my eyesight first.

80. Buy a box frame
I didn't buy one in the end but we have decorated our living room with lots of lovely things.

81. Get married- DONE!

82. Actually start saving for our wedding- DONE!

83. Attend the Vogue festival- DONE!
This is always a great event and I've seen some fantastic speeches.

84. "Marry" Laura on Pirates of the Caribbean- DONE!
Sort of. We both donned bridal Minnie ears and posed for photos. Close enough, right.

85. Dye my hair pink
I kind of chickened out!

86. Pimp my ride
This would be easier if I had a ride!

87. Get my septum pierced
I've got plenty of piercings but not this one.

88. Perfect the beehive- DONE!
It's been a while since I've worn a beehive but at least I can do it now.

89. See a PostSecret show
To be honest, I've gone off PostSecret now.

90. See My Chemical Romance one last time
One day. One day.

91. Get a tattoo to commemorate my wedding
I "accidentally" forgot (read: Chickened out)

92. Get a My Chemical Romance tattoo
I've designed it but I'm still waiting to see if it's right for me (read: Chickened out. Again)

93. Get my forward helix pierced- DONE!
Painful but worth it

94. Get my rook pierced- DONE!
I love it!

95. Learn to drive
Something I really, really, really need to do!

96. Read 75 books- DONE!
I read a grand total of 106 books! YAY!

97. Write a list of 101 things I've already done
I started this but then I got bored.

98. Send in a PostSecret
As I said, I've gone of PostSecret now.

99. See Derren Brown's Infamous show- DONE!
It was a great show!

100. Get my teeth whitened
This is something I'm still hoping to get done soon.

101. Watch all the films- DONE!
I actually lost count. I've watched a lot though!

Phew! Out of 101 goals, I've achieved 50. Hmmm, not especially amazing but hopefully my next goals will be more achievable. I'll be updating my list here so you can keep up with my new ones! Wish me luck!


  1. I would say that is a win! You've inspired me to make a longer term list as well. I'm yet to meet anyone who ticks off everything on these lists but I think anything over 30% is a good go at it. Also...please dye your hair pink!!!!! xxx

  2. you've so much dedication to remember to come back to this list and update us all! well done, you've achieved so much and i loved reading it x

  3. Love this post Becky! You've achieved LOADS from your list and should be really proud of yourself! :) xxx

  4. I absolutely LOVE this Becky!! You did so well as well :D I don't think I'd even be able to achieve 50 if I'm honest. I'd really like to do something similar though :) xx

  5. I loved reading this, you've achieved so much! Feeling like a bum now haha I hope you get to tick off the things that you haven't done yet but really, really want to! x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. Woohoo, way to go Becky! Even if you haven't done them all, at least you tried! That's awesome! I think making goals is such an amazing way to get things ticked off your list. I do it all the time! I also want to get to Germany (I've been once, but it was literally like 3 days). Also, I'd love to meet other bloggers in real life...I've been blogging for about 1 1/2 years now and haven't managed to yet :'(
    ~ Samantha

  7. "Visit Finkley Down Farm
    Visit Birdworld"

    OMG my childhood right there!! I freaking love Birdworld, still, and try and go like every 2-3 years, its ridiculously overpriced but so nostalgic for me. And I completely forgot Finkley Down Farm existed!
    Totes not the point of this post, but well done you anyway! haha

  8. Wow, I'm inspired by how many of your goals you achieved! I'm about a year and a half through my current one, and I've only managed about a quarter so far. I really need a kick up the arse!

    You definitely need to visit Oxford soon; it looks so pretty right now. It's one of my favourite places in England. :)

  9. Cannot wait to see your taxidermy post!!

  10. This is such an interesting idea!
    Well done for accomplishing so many of them!

  11. I loved reading alll of this, you did so many! And so excited for the taxidermy post!
    ps. is t shits in 70 a hilarious typo or intentional?

  12. Wahey, well done! I've just gotten around to checking on mine and I've done a good couple. Thanks for inspiring me to do something which has really put my life on a positive path. x

  13. Woohoo! Managing to do half of this list is excellent, so well done to you for sticking to so many things. This is a great idea...I dunno where my head has been for the last two years but I actually didn't realise this is what you were doing! So, huge well, time to start planning that MCR tattoo and your wedding tattoo! :)


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