Carrie's guide to Athens is so perfect. I visited when I was 8 so I must go back as an adult!

Likewise, I used to go to Palma a lot as a kid and Erica's photos take me right back! 
I adore Kat's carousel jumper!

Other Favourites
Ever fancied changing the colour of the Bloglovin' widget? Here's how.
I identify with everything on Amber's how to make me uncomfortable post.
Rhianna's post on YouTuber book deals is spot on!


  1. Lovely links! I'll check them out now!
    Emma Xx

  2. Lots of interesting links to check out, that carousel jumper is so pretty! Thank you for sharing the links, I always enjoy these posts because I always end up stumbling across interesting new blogs! - Tasha

  3. Thank the lord you shared these! The changing bloglovin colour and the carousel jumper are game changers!

  4. I loved Victorias post on the Gina shoe factory and ohh my the heels are dreamy!! :O Just beautiful xx

  5. Ooo goodness that Carousel jumper. One you must add to your incredible jumper collection! x x


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