Review // Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser, Breath of Fresh Air Toner & Grease Lightning Spot Treatment

I'll be honest here and admit I'm not the greatest when it comes to skincare. It's something I've always scrimped on and, yes, I have been reliant on make up wipes which I know is awful. In an attempt to get into some sort of decent skincare regime, I've turned to my trusty Lush.Lush Cleanser and Toner

9 to 5 Cleanser
Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser Review
Lush are pretty well known for their unusual cleansers, such as Ultrabland (a thick cream cleanser) and Let the Good Times Roll (a doughy product that is mixed with water to form a paste) but I do not have the time or energy to faff about preparing my cleanser. These also rely on me being near a sink and I much prefer to cleanse in my dressing room. Little did I know, Lush do sell a bog-standard cream cleanser: 9 to 5. Just like any other cleanser, you use a cotton pad to sweep onto the skin and clean all the dirt and grime away. It has a light consistency and smells very similar to British Nanny moisturiser as it shares some ingredients: almond oil, ylang ylang oil and everlasting flower absolute. The cleanser applies smoothly and does a great job of cleansing my face, leaving it feeling clean and fresh.

Breath of Fresh Air Toner
Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Review
This is a spray toner and I've found the easiest way to apply is spritzing some onto a cotton pad before wiping away the remnants of my cleanser. With sea salt and seaweed, it leaves my skin feeling refreshed as well as clean. Although it is made up of rosemary, aloe vera, rose and patchouli, this toner smells exactly like lavender so I also find it really relaxing and it's a lovely scent to have on my face!

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment
Lush Grease Lightning Review
I don't often get spots but, when I do, they're horrors! This gel treatment is a miracle in a bottle! At the first sign of a spot brewing under the surface, dab on Grease Lightning. Containing tea tree oil, aloe vera and witch hazel, it sets to work drying out the spot, soothing irritation and eliminating redness. After a couple of days, the spot is completely gone without even having reared it's head. Everyone should own a bottle of this! 


  1. I absolutely love Lush for bath products and masks, but have never used one of their cleansers! I kind of feel like I should try Ultrabland though since it's such a cult product but I also really like ylang ylang so maybe the 9-5 ahhh decisions!

  2. I love the grease lightening spot treatment but really want to try the 9 to 5 cleanser <3

  3. Think I need to get some of the spot treatment on standby. Like you, I don't get spot often, but when I do, boy are they a surprise and they make themselves known!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Breath of Fresh Air and Grease Lightning are total miracle workers - real staples in my collection! I also love Eau Roma water which I occasionally add in to the mix instead of Breath of Fresh Air. I find Lush skincare really difficult to beat at times, their toners and cleansers are really top notch and don't break the bank either xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  5. That cleansing lotion looks like a bit of me! The only cleanser I thought Lush did was Ultrabland and that's so thick for me, I felt like it left a layer on my skin.

    Courtney xx xx

  6. Breath of Fresh Air sounds so refreshing. I'm trying to decide between that and the tea tree toner right now! Both look absolutely fab :)
    Unfortunately Grease Lightning doesn't work for me! Such a shame!
    Hannah Delacour x


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