Winchester with Tori

Something amazing happened last week- I finally met Tori! We've "known" each other, Twitter style, for a good couple of years now but, even though her home town is not far from me, we've always just missed each other when she visits home. After such anticipation, I was pretty nervous- What if she didn't like me? What if it was awkward? What if I didn't like her? Luckily, she was a complete babe and we had a fantastic day!
Because I'm a terrible influence, I managed to convince Tori to stick her head through the bridge. You'll be glad to hear she didn't get stuck!

The streets of Winchester are so beautiful with such gorgeous houses. Even though I studied in the city, I could never get bored of the stunning old architecture. As it turns out, despite living nearby, Tori hadn't really explored all the ancient sites so I acted as tour guide for the day (just without the dodgy umbrella).
The Round Table is obviously a must, but it's even more fun when you photobomb German tour groups!
Together, we discovered Winchester City Mill, which I had no idea even existed. Since it was being refurbished, it was free entry and it had this gorgeous garden out the back. It was very small though, so I'm not sure I'd recommend paying full entry.

It was a wonderful day with lots of laughter. Hopefully I'll get to hang out with Tori again very soon (...if she wants me, that is!)


  1. Gorgeous photos Becky! xx
    Love Vicki |

  2. YOU GUYS <3 so pleased you had a wicked day!! x

  3. Ah this is lovely, looks like a very pretty place :)


  4. I'll always want you ;) Thank you for hopping on over and seeing me, and for persuading me to 'tourist' my own city - I had a truly fantastic time, and am so happy we FINALLY got to meet!! <3

  5. tori is such a sweetheart & i'm very jealous that you got to meet her!!!! ;) this looks like it was such a lovely outing!!!! xoxoxoxo

    1. You're a darling, Megan - one day, my friend, one day!! <3 xxx

  6. I adore Winchester. It's where I grew up and spent many happy years there. I still live nearby so spend lots of time there.

    There are so many hidden gems. If you have a National Trust membership I'd recommend the City Mill, but I agree, I wouldn't pay full price. The garden is really tranquil, but you can also walk down the river opposite next to the Bishop on the Bridge (good pub garden) and find a bench to relax on.

    There's also a lovely little garden out the back of the Great Hall/Round table

    Plus I found out yesterday that Wagamamas is coming! Although we'll have to wait until autumn for it.

    Debbie x

  7. Hey Becky. I've tagged you on my blog and I hope you find the time to answer the questions I've created =)

  8. Aww so nice to hear when real friendships happen from virtual meetings! Hope you both had a fab day out x

  9. Blogger meet up are great adventures!


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