OOTD // Blue and White Florals

Top: Peacocks
Skirt: TU at Sainsbury's
Shoes: c/o BHS
Necklace: My grandma's

Ooh look, the sun is out! In Bedbugland (totally a real place), that means it's time to get the outfit posts on a roll! I really do love outfit posts- in fact, that's the reason I started this blog- but I find them difficult in the winter months. Spring is very welcome!
These gorgeous ivory satin ballet shoes* were kindly sent to me by BHS. Yes, they're bridal shoes but I really think they work with summery outfits like this. This is one of the great things about wearing flat shoes as a bride- You can reuse them for daily outfits afterwards. In fact, I wore ivory satin trainers at my wedding so I am a total bridal flats advocate! This pair are wide-fit so originally I consider sizing down but I'm glad I didn't as they're quite stiff and the extra width stops any rubbing or blistering. 
It was a beautiful day when I took these photos, so I was thrilled to be able to crack out this lovely skirt that I've had waiting for me a few weeks. Whenever I go to a supermarket, I cannot resist looking at the clothes and this skirt was crying out for me. At first I was worried the length might be too long and unflattering (I like a short skirt!) but, as you can see, it's pretty much perfect. 

Sitting by the pond watching the ducklings was so lovely. They're the cutest, fluffiest little things and don't worry, I have no plans to stuff them!
These beads are very dear to me. They were given to me by my grandma for my 21st birthday and were originally given to her by my grandad for their 20th wedding anniversary back in 1975. There is also a matching bracelet which my grandma never wore as she had tiny wrists and it kept falling off. I've inherited her wrists and hands so the bracelet is kept stored away. 


  1. That skirt is beautiful on you! I can never find decent pieces in Sainsbury's!
    Lovely outfit and pictures!

    Kourtney x

  2. Looking lovely! I love supermarket clothing, basically the only place I buy clothes anymore! The ducklings are so cute :D
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  3. You look lovely, how sweet is that story behind your necklace too! Xx

  4. I love skirts that are this length. Originally I wasn't sure, but it's a really great length and makes me feel great. I might be technically too short for a "midi" shirt, but I don't even care haha

  5. Becky this is such a pretty outfit! I love the shoes and they definitely work with the outfit (even if they are bridal)! The beads are beautiful too :)

  6. Those ballet shoes are so pretty! x

  7. Lovely outfit !! Can't believe spring is finally here :)

  8. So gorgeous, love this colour on you! <3

  9. Omg i love this outfit and the cute little duckys =]

  10. You look gorgeous, as always! :) the necklace is lovely :) if i ever marry I'm deffo gonna be wearing flats! Sneakers if I can get away with it (obvs how else could I dance?!) :D xo

  11. Gorgeous Dress & Shoes.
    Those beads are lovely, and it's so nice to have a sort of family heirloom. :)
    Sarah xx

  12. Such a pretty outfit and the colours really suit your complexion. It's lovely to see a sentimental necklace like that. I love items which have their own history. Those ducks are cute too!
    Victoria xx

  13. I love your outfit! It makes me really happy because blue & white are the colors of the Israeli flag and Independence Day was yesterdayyyy xx


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