Saving with a spending ban

Every weekday for the past... ooh, 2 years or so... I have got my lunch from the school canteen. Although it's not particularly bad for me (thanks Jamie Oliver!), it does add up and I end up having to pay the office a fair amount each month. Well, actually, I usually forget and get chased up with passive-aggressive notes, but that's not the point! In an attempt to save money, I've been challenged by TSB to go on a week-long spending ban and and to prevent the lady in the office from hating everything I do, I've chosen to give up school dinners. 

I packed a chilli chicken noodle salad for lunch and it was delicious! Feeling very satisfied, I was proud of myself until I walked downstairs and saw the pudding was chocolate fudge cake. YUM!

Tuesday- Thursday
These days were much better. My pasta and noodle salads filled up my tummy and kept me happy all through the afternoon. I found that I didn't even miss the school dinners, much to my surprise! Not even roast dinner on Wednesday. Who knew I had that kind of strength?

Erm... I may have forgotten to pack my lunch! Darn! I had no choice but to visit the canteen at lunch time. It was chip day too! Mmm, chips and beans! Yum yum!

Admittedly, I might not have done as well as I was hoping but I still saved £22.50. Not too shabby, right?

This post was written in collaboration with TSB.


  1. It's so hard to not spend! I'm always tempted by the odd choccy bar when I'm out :P

    hellomissjordan, xx

  2. Saving is so hard, I suppose you have to start by giving up the small things first like buying lunches. I do shift work and I find buying lunches and dinners so much more convenient and time saving, but I need to do what you've done and prepare my work meals! It all pays off in the long run :)

    You did well saving £22.50 and noodle salads sound yummy!

    Sarah - Lipstick & Dresses

  3. I cut out one thing at a time, then I swop! It makes it so much easier to save without feeling miserable!

  4. You saved £22.50 I think that's pretty good, I can only imagine what I would save if I gave up buying lunches and all of the little random things I buy whilst getting the lunches! It doesn't bare thinking about haha!

    Christie x

  5. I work in an office and bring lunch every day - once a month I go out and eat with collegues. I've worked out I've saved about £20 a week, which is a scary amount considering I'm going back to university in September! I'll definitely try and avoid buying daily lunches in the future...x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  6. I waste so much money on food at work... It grieves me how much of my wages Costa gets haha! Will have to enforce a strict spending ban on myself I think.
    Becky xx GeekGetsGlam

  7. I always end up spending so much money on lunch - the perks for working in London! - I might try and put myself on a ban and make my own lunch! You did so well.

    Courtney x | Courtney Says What

  8. I always take my own lunch, I love leftovers for lunch so I always make extra for dinner to make sure there are leftovers haha. You could possibly buy from our canteen every day (although people do and I've yet to work out how they afford it) it's so so expensive!


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