Saving with a spending ban

Every weekday for the past... ooh, 2 years or so... I have got my lunch from the school canteen. Although it's not particularly bad for me (thanks Jamie Oliver!), it does add up and I end up having to pay the office a fair amount each month. Well, actually, I usually forget and get chased up with passive-aggressive notes, but that's not the point! In an attempt to save money, I've been challenged by TSB to go on a week-long spending ban and and to prevent the lady in the office from hating everything I do, I've chosen to give up school dinners. 

I packed a chilli chicken noodle salad for lunch and it was delicious! Feeling very satisfied, I was proud of myself until I walked downstairs and saw the pudding was chocolate fudge cake. YUM!

Tuesday- Thursday
These days were much better. My pasta and noodle salads filled up my tummy and kept me happy all through the afternoon. I found that I didn't even miss the school dinners, much to my surprise! Not even roast dinner on Wednesday. Who knew I had that kind of strength?

Erm... I may have forgotten to pack my lunch! Darn! I had no choice but to visit the canteen at lunch time. It was chip day too! Mmm, chips and beans! Yum yum!

Admittedly, I might not have done as well as I was hoping but I still saved £22.50. Not too shabby, right?

This post was written in collaboration with TSB.


  1. It's so hard to not spend! I'm always tempted by the odd choccy bar when I'm out :P

    hellomissjordan, xx

  2. I cut out one thing at a time, then I swop! It makes it so much easier to save without feeling miserable!

  3. You saved £22.50 I think that's pretty good, I can only imagine what I would save if I gave up buying lunches and all of the little random things I buy whilst getting the lunches! It doesn't bare thinking about haha!

    Christie x

  4. I work in an office and bring lunch every day - once a month I go out and eat with collegues. I've worked out I've saved about £20 a week, which is a scary amount considering I'm going back to university in September! I'll definitely try and avoid buying daily lunches in the future...x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  5. I waste so much money on food at work... It grieves me how much of my wages Costa gets haha! Will have to enforce a strict spending ban on myself I think.
    Becky xx GeekGetsGlam

  6. I always end up spending so much money on lunch - the perks for working in London! - I might try and put myself on a ban and make my own lunch! You did so well.

    Courtney x | Courtney Says What


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