Can fat people wear joggers?

Can fat people wear...? is a series that roadtests current trends on a fat body. Of course, the moral of the story is "wear whatever you want", but I'll be sharing how I felt, how I looked and the reactions I received as a chubby girl in the latest trends. Fat is used here as a tongue-in-cheek, yet factual, adjective, rather than a derogatory term and always, always remember "If you like it, wear it". 

If you go through my outfit posts, you'll notice that I never, ever wear trousers. This isn't because I hate trousers, it's purely because they do not fit me. Ever. I have massive thighs and hips, with a proportionately small waist and long legs so it's impossible to find the right fit. Joggers, I figured, would be perfect. Elasticated waist, baggy around the thighs, tight at the ankles. Turns out, I could even find a pair of joggers to fit me on the high street. My thighs were beyond high street sizing. That is until New Look got in touch and gave me the opportunity to try these monochrome joggers* from their summer Inspire range. I sized up and, would you believe it, they fit perfectly!

My black top is from Primark and, I'm not going to lie to you, it was pretty see through. I may or may not have Photoshopped the bosom area so you couldn't see my bra. Is that dishonest? Probably not if I tell you about it.

As I said above, the joggers are from New Look's Inspire range. They're made of a soft, light jersey that feels almost like pyjama bottoms, with elasticated waist and ankles and a drawstring to tighten the waist if necessary. 

On my feet, I have my faithful Crocs and I don't care what you say, they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn in my life! 

At first, I wasn't sure if they looked right on me but I think that might just be because I'm not used to seeing myself in trousers. Initially I worried that the thighs were too baggy and looked a little MC Hammer but I soon got over that. Actually, I think they look pretty good. There's no disguising my chunky thighs but the elasticated cuffs definitely make my legs look more tapered and streamlined and the busy pattern disguises any lumps and bumps. My waist is one of my favourite parts of my body so I'm glad these joggers nip it in and show it off. I actually feel like they make me look a bit more dainty than usual too... which is quite some feat because there's nothing dainty about me!

Comfy! Oh, so comfy! It felt liberating to not have my legs constricted by my usual leggings and yet still have them covered (and free of chub rub!) The jersey is so light that it floats around my legs and stops any clinging, rubbing or sweating. Seriously, these are like a socially acceptable way of wearing pyjama bottoms outside the home. I never want to take them off!
I promise I do have two legs!

Apart from the pub playing the first minute of U Can't Touch This just after I'd loudly exclaimed that I feel like MC Hammer (something that surely cannot be a coincidence!), they barely raised an eyebrow. Which, as all plus size girls will know, is a very good thing! 

Wardrobe, wardrobe, wardrobe! I would wear these every day if I could! 


  1. I always find the long sleeve black tops from Primark to be SO see through!
    It's really annoying!
    Love the trousers though, you look gorgeous :)
    Sarah xx

  2. You wear them so well! xx
    Love Vicki |

  3. I love them joggers, they're so cute! I'm the same, I always wear leggings because I hate being in jeans and pants but with summer coming I've been crushing on cute joggers! You look amazing!

    Kourtney x

  4. You rock those joggers Becky! You have an amazing waist xx

  5. Love how these look on you! I wear joggers so much, they're surprisingly easy to dress up with a pair of ankle books and a nice top :)

  6. I'm so happy for you!
    I think it's so ridiculous that some people think they can tell others what they can and can't wear!
    You look amazing and this post is so good :)

  7. These look lovely on you! I love New Look there plus size range is fab! Xx

  8. I bought a similar style of trousers to wear on holiday last year and they're the comfiest things ever! Only problem is they're quite a loud, bright pattern so I feel like I can only get away with them abroad! x

  9. I love those joggers, and they look amazing on you too! I have a pair that I've only worn once or twice, but I'll definitely be getting them back out of the wardrobe once the weather gets a bit milder :) x

  10. I have a pair of joggers and I love them, they're so comfy and easy to wear.

  11. I think you look great in those joggers! I love jersey trouser, they are so comfy - i just got a pair of jersey palzo pants and I didn't want to take them off to put my jamies on.

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

  12. I think those really suit you, it's so lovely when you find an item you feel really happy and comfortable in :) I love how you write your blog, I feel like I'm getting to know you a little; personal blogs are always my favourites :)
    Love Holly x (fashion) (lifestyle)

  13. These really suit you, as a 'fat girl' too I'd never have tried these but they really suit you so I think I might give it a go. Love this series as well!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  14. You look amazing :) They fit you perfectly and really suit them :)

    Angelica x

  15. I have similar sizing problems when it comes to trousers/jeans. I'm tall, too tall for standard lengths but often too short for tall lengths which often swamp me. I've got really big (wonky thanks to Scoliosis) hips, quite big thighs but no bum and a smallish waist. It got a little easier when I lost some weight and actually developed a little bum but in general it's either I can't get the trousers past my thighs/hips or I can get them on but the waist is too big/saggy! I think these look great on you and trousers like this are so comfy x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  16. You look gorgeous :)
    I love those joggers, they look super cosy. Such a classy combo with the patterned bottom half and the plain top it. xx

  17. I bloody love joggers, I have hogwarts ones that I wear to the shops. Im relatively slim but have big hips, arse and thighs with a thin waist and long legs like you, so also hardly wear trousers but i really want to start exploring more styles.

  18. I think you look amazing! I really like joggers, so comfy, could wear them all day every day :)

  19. They look great and so comfy. I may have to get a pair as I really struggle with trousers and the weird proportion of my lower
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

  20. U look damn good to me becky and you have beautiful curves. So keep rocking them.

  21. You look marvelous, and comfortable..


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