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By now, you may have noticed that I like Lush. I think it goes without saying that I was excited about the opening of Lush's flagship store on Oxford Street. Of course, I was looking forward to visiting the largest Lush shop in the world- there are THREE floors- but when I discovered there were more than 200 new products, I jumped right on the train!Lush Oxford Street
Oh my goodness, it's the most wonderful thing in the world! Being logical, I decided to tackle the store strategically and started in the basement which is home to the spa and therapy room as well as massage bars and candles. Although I've wished for Lush candles forever, I found the scent of these seemed a bit underwhelming and they were pretty pricey so I didn't get one. Pro tip: Since the candles are encased in bamboo, every one is a different size. Keep an eye out for the largest ones!Lush Oxford Street Decor
Lush Candles
Lush Music
The ground floor is home to skincare, haircare and make up. I will call this the Floor of Wonders because everything is huge! Tubs of shampoo and shower scrubs the size of my head, 1 litre bottles of shower gel fragranced with the likes of The Comforter, Lord of Misrule and Yuzu & Cocoa. (Imagine what it will be like at Christmas! A litre of Snow Fairy? Yes please!) The make up range includes solid eyeshadows and lipsticks that I cannot wait to go back and try out! Then there are the truly innovative new products such as showder (a shower powder) and washable postcards! 

Lush washable postcards
Pink Lush lipstick
1kg Lord of Misrule shower gel
The Comforter Shower Cream bottles
650g Big Shampoo tub
Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner bottles
Up the stairs to the first floor reveals the bath products. Brand new bath bombs and bubble bars as well as classics reinvented, such as this gorgeous new take on my favourite Green Bubbleroon, and pick and mix bath oils in a range of sweet, musky and fruity scents. To one side is an area dedicated to gift sets and, beside the floor-to-ceiling windows, an area to sit down and play with Fun to your heart's content!
Lush Art of Bathing Wall
Bath Bomb trolley
Floral bath oil
Sacred Lotus Flower bath bomb
Guardian of the Forest bath bomb
The Experimenter Bath Bomb
Oxford St Exclusives sign
Oxford Street Green Bubbleroon
Lush Oxford Street Fun corner
I came out with a bag stuffed to the brim with brand new products that I cannot wait to try out and review. Of course it wasn't enough though, so I'm already looking forward to my next visit!
Lush Oxford Street Haul


  1. A litre of snow fairy?! I will faint with joy. I didn't know this was opening, so would have gone down Oxford Street to check it out, alas I am clearly out of the loop hehe.


  2. This looks AMAZING! Those big bottles have may name all over them!

  3. I can't wait to go there, I could just imagine me falling in love with Lush all over again :D You look like you had a good time too ;)
    I'm hoping that might have the melomint bubble bar because I've been trying to get it but it's been out of stock for ages so finger's crossed hehe!

    Ali :)

    1. Me too! I was really hoping they'd have it as I'm DESPERATE to try it but I'm afraid they didn't!

  4. Did you go yesterday or today? I was in there yesterday and it was amazing, must have spent 3 hours just mulling around and looking at everything

  5. This looks amazing! I can't wait to visit next time I'm in London, The Comforter shower gel, yes please!!

  6. This is incredible!!!!!! Definitely on my to-visit list when I'm in London this Fall (I live in Canada). Can't believe how much they have and all those new products! Looks so amazing.

  7. Looks amazing, ive never owned lush, im afraid it might bring me out in a rash as i have very sensitive skin.

  8. Wow, it looks absolutely amazing! I so hope the new make up products will be available everywhere. *Runs off to check the website.* I was a huge fan of the make up their sister company B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful made, but they folded and God, I miss their make up! I love that some of it's back in Lush form now, but I wish all of it was! Definitely need a trip to London to check the new things out. :)

  9. I need to go here so bad. Alas I'm in Australia right now. Back home I live on the border of Wales but would so go to London purely for this shop.

  10. Oh this place sounds amazing. What did the candles smell like? Have they got many different scents? I'm a sucker for candles.

    Looking forward to seeing your review of their new products. I'm going to Wembley in a few weeks to see the Foo Fighters, so I'm hoping I can make a day of it and go via the new LUSH store.

    1. They've only got the one type of candle and it's a very, very subtle scent. Quite fresh but hard to really pinpoint.

  11. The shop looks like a magical wonderland I can't believe how huge it is! Xx
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

  12. Oh my, Oh my!!! I don't know how you managed to leave...3 floors!?

    Lauren - bylaurenjane

  13. When I read the words 'three floors', my heart actually skipped a beat...! This place looks incredible, I can't wait to visit :-D

  14. They should have trollies there...
    Emily //

  15. Ahhh i am sooo excited to visit this store!! It looks absolutely amazing, I can see i am going to spend a small fortune in there! xx

  16. Comforter shower gel? I'M SOLD!
    Charlotte - Charlotte Sophia Roberts

  17. WOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHHHH it's huge!!!! Definitely the first thing I do when I get to London x

  18. Omg all the exclusives, I need to visit <3


  20. Holy cow this looks INCREDIBLE! An entire floor of bath products sounds like a dream Xx

  21. OMG I want that massive bottle of Comforter shower gel 😍

    Abi xo | Wanderlust Daydreaming

  22. Oh wow. I can imagine the smell that wafts out of that place haha. It looks incredible, next time I'm in Oxford Street I am there! xx

  23. Is it bad that I want to go to London again just to visit LUSH? 3 floors & exclusive products sounds amazing to me :)
    Natasha x


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