Sponsor Shoutout: A Dash of Ginger

This month, I'm very happy to be sponsored by the wonderful food blog A Dash of Ginger. I made the mistake of writing this post right before lunch and now I just want to eat everything! A word of warning: If you are already hungry, have something to eat before reading on!

Three Reasons to Follow A Dash of Ginger

Just all the food! Kirsty's recipes span from roast parsnip parmesan soup to cinnamon buns and everything in between. Her recipes are all really clearly explained and, the best bit, formatted with an easy-to-print button so you don't need to worry about getting your phone floury! Plus, the photos are incredible. Like, IN.CREDI.BLE!

2. The organisation

I've never read a more organised blog. All the recipes on A Dash of Ginger are categorised into 7 groups: Sweet Treats, Breakfast, Dinner, Soups & Salads, Snacks & Sides and Breads & Buns. Whatever you need, you can find it! There's also a recipe index where you can see all the recipes at a glance.

3. The writing style

Kirsty has such a warm, personable writing style that makes her blog a pleasure to read. Every recipe is filled with little asides and touches of humour that are really engaging. (This hot cross bun recipe is the perfect example) It's almost enough to forget about the food. Almost.

Seriously, guys, go and check out A Dash of Ginger. I promise you won't regret it! Now I'm off to attempt some cooking... 


  1. I think I'm drooling..........yup....

  2. you're right!!! Damn me for not reading this with a snack besides me. Now I'm hungry!!

  3. This food looks absolutely delicious! I'll be sure to check out the blog!

    Serena /

  4. Oh yum! Those cinnamon buns are calling to me... Must check this blog out! xD


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