101 in 1001 XXII

After the crazy jam-packed month in August, September has been a lot more relaxed in terms of my goals

#12 Attend an event

Helen and I were invited along to the Thomas Sabo opening in Southampton.

#13 Meet a blogger in real life
I met a whole host of bloggers at London Fashion Week, including the very beautiful Ellie.

#19 Attend London Fashion Week
Marie and I popped down to Somerset House to check out some of the London Fashion Week street style

#60 Put up a shelf
Ok, I didn't put up the shelf myself, but Rich stuck a few up. I have a proper post coming soon, but here's a peek. 

#96 Read 75 books (76/75)
Yay! I did it! Wonder if I can make it to 100 before my 1001 days are up?

#101 Watch all the films
I finally got round to watching the 1962 version of Lolita. I was surprised to find that the 1997 remake was almost identical in terms of the script. 

After I finished reading The Book Thief, I also watched the film adaptation. Although it's unusually true to the novel, I somehow found it a lot more beautiful than the soul-destroying heartbreak of the book. 


  1. What is Ellie's blog link lovely? Also love those floating shelves.


    1. It's http://roseandvintage.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. I've been meaning to watch one of the film adaptation of Lolita for ages- would you recommend one more out of the two? x

  3. I was SO happy with the movie rendition of The Book Thief. The Book Thief is my all-time favorite book, and I was so excited/scared for the movie... and I was not let down.

    I feel like I didn't hear enough about the movie though?? It seemed a very quiet enterprise for such a well-known and loved book.

  4. I can safely say, you may have read more books now than I have read in my life!

  5. This is a great idea to set yourself goals each month, I need to start doing that as so many of my personal pursuits go neglected!

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine // My Blog Giveaway

  6. I have no idea how you manage to read so many books! You're a machine! A sexy machine! x


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