Sponsor Shoutout: September

I made some little tweaks to my sponsorship packages this month. Nothing major but enough to make me feel refreshed and rejuvinated, so I'm feeling pretty good right now. It also helps that I've got some truly cracking sponsors to introduce.

Doing Life My Way
Alexandra, the blogger behind the really cute blog Doing Life My Way, is a 22 year old expat in Australia who loves Harry Potter, as all the best people do! I love Alexandra's blog because as well as posting some lovely outfits, like this stripy dress, she also writes recipes for the likes of muffins and cookies. Yum! 

Lydia Lulu
Lydia Lulu is the lifestyle blog of a 19 year old Londoner, who writes about everything from beauty to relationships. Lydia's writings on more serious topics, such as the impact of women's magazines and her struggles with anxiety are truly inspiring. 

I Wrote A Little Something
Time for a male blogger now, which is always refreshing! Rob of I Wrote A Little Something writes about anything and everything with his trademark wit and humour. I may have laughed out loud while reading his blog. On more than one occasion. Whether it's shopping at The Body Shop, album reviews or updating us on his bedroom's puberty, Rob's writing style is certainly unique, and I love it! 

Mermaid Gossip
Who doesn't like mermaids, amiright? Everyone likes mermaids, so everyone should like Emily. Her blog, Mermaid Gossip, is what my dreams are made of. Her style is awesome (and she has pink hair!), her nails are insane in the best way possible, and she has The Most Amazing Shed. Go and check her out now! 

If you'd like to see your blog featured next month, take a peek at my newly-updated sponsorship page


  1. Will definitely be checking out these blogs!

    Jade x ♡

  2. Thanks for having me Becky, and for the kind words! Will defo pitch a tent and set up camp in your sidebar again soon ;D


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