5 easy ways to inspire yourself as a blogger

Sometimes you reach a point in blogging where you just have no idea where to go next. I know I've certainly had those times and I'm pretty sure every blogger ever has had the same problem. The good news, though, is that inspiration can be found in the simplest of actions. Here are my five top easy ways to inspire myself as a blogger.

All the photos used here are from posts that have been inspired by each of these tips. If you fancy reading the post, just click on the subtitle and you can see what following my own advice has created for me. 

1. Explore somewhere different
This could be as far away as a whole different continent or as simple as venturing down a local road that you've never visited before. You could even pull up Google Maps, wiggle around your hometown at random and then visit the road that is right in the middle of the screen when you stop. Take loads of photos, draw sketches, take note of what you feel and hear. Just being in a new setting will inspire you in a multitude of ways.

2. Read a magazine
Magazines are fantastic inspiration. For one thing, they are based on what people actually like to read, so you know the content will be interesting to their demographic. This demographic doesn't have to be the same as yours though. Your blog is about plus size fashion? Read a rock music magazine. Crafty blog? Try reading a political magazine. Venturing out of your niche will force you to think creatively and really open up your mind.

3. Speak to someone
This is something that I find pretty difficult since I am chronically shy. It doesn't have to be a stranger though. Why not talk to members of your family? What were your grandmother's hopes and dreams when she was your age? What was your father's upbringing like? Of course, if you're less socially awkward than I am, speaking to a stranger will open up all sorts of possibilities.

4. Revisit your past
Take some time out to reflect on yourself and your past. Pore over some old photos. Listen to the music that you loved as a child. Crack out the VHS tapes of your childhood. How could you incorporate this into your blog? Perhaps you could write a letter to your sixteen year old self. Maybe you could put together an outfit inspired by your sartorial choices as a toddler. You could even create a visual representation of your journey to the person you are today. 

5. Read other blogs
I'm sure you already do this, but take a closer look. Check out your favourite blogs and venture through their archives. A lot of blogs feature regular interactive series and encourage their readers to join in. Or perhaps there's a post that could become a regular feature of yours. Just don't forget to check it's ok with the blogger first and it's always polite to credit them for the idea.

So there you have it. Five super duper easy ways to inspire yourself when you wind up in a bit of a ditch. Do you have any other ways to find inspiration? 


  1. Brilliant sources of inspiriation. They're so on point and pretty much fail proof! Really loved this post Becky :)

    Kerry | Kerralina x

  2. Great tips, Becky! I am always inspired by magazines. I love to flip through pictures and styles.


  3. Lovely post, I especially like the first idea. It's amazing how you can never have visited some of the awesome places right on your doorstep!



    1. I always find such great places when I go exploring.

  4. Great tips, Becky! #1 is the best tip ever, I think, because it does not only let you discover new things but your perspective changes over time as well. :)

    xo Kisty

    1. Exactly! Plus, it's a whole lot of fun!

  5. Off out to buy a magazine on my lunch. Need a mental boost :) Thank you!

  6. Already inspired! Great post :) x

  7. I love this! I've been feeling like I don't have much inspiration at the moment, but this has given me some great ideas. Thanks! :) x


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