Snow in March

It's snowing. Again. Seriously, this is the end of March. Want to see what I was wearing this time last year? 
And what am I wearing now? Erm, this...
 These photos were taken exactly one year apart, to the day. England is crazy. 
Although snowy- and I really hate snow- it was a nice day. We popped down to the charity shops, where I managed to resist everything except a couple of books, and then had a little walk in the snow. I have to admit, I do love taking photos of snowy landscapes. 


  1. Both outfits are equally cute, but it is hard to believe that those photos were taken on the same day one year apart. Canada is like that, as well, though. We had a huge dump of snow two weeks ago and another small one last week. But this weekend it started to feel like spring for the first time.

    1. I know! The weather is so crazy. I just want spring!

  2. I love your purple dress in the first picture and your fur collared coat in the latter photos. I love taking pictures of snowy landscapes too! x

  3. i'm so sick of the snow and the cold. i need some spring and some flirty dresses. haha.

  4. I hate snow to! It's so annoying! Hope it gets warmer soon. You lilac lace dress is very pretty.

    Sita xx

  5. We are literally snowed in right now! We've never had snow before in March. Spring, where are you?!

  6. I adore both your outfits!

    All my dad has said all weekend is "we were having a BBQ last Easter" it is driving me up the wall because I DO REMEMBER but I try not to think about it because it's just depressing!

    Glad you had a nice day :)

    Amy x

  7. Grr at the snow! I can't believe the difference we're experiencing. Maybe we will have a nice summer though? I recall last years being fairly wet.
    I love that dress in the first photo by the way. xx


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