A Day in the Life of Becky: March

9am Why do I always wake up early on a weekend? Is it too much to ask for the ability to sleep through until lunch on a Saturday?

10am Some Friends with my breakfast. Can't go wrong. 

11am Time to put my face on! 

12pm I discovered this little pink ribbon in my wardrobe and thought it would look cute in my hair. 

1pm The charity bookshop down the road from us is pretty much my favourite shop in the world! 

2pm A little walk in the snow.

3pm A mid-afternoon sticky bun treat. 
4pm Taking some photos for le blog. 

5pm An early bath time...Nobody wants to see a photo of that! 
6pm Wallowing in my post-MCR misery

7pm Time to edit the photos I took earlier in the day.

8pm Diary-writing. This is actually a safe-to-share entry from a couple of weeks ago. I don't want to be revealing my innermost secrets with the world! 
 9pm Onesie cosiness. 
10pm Some bedtime reading before snuggling up for the night.


  1. I can see that the book are reading is The Virgin Suicides and it is awesome! I hope you are loving it!x

    1. Do you know that because you watch me through my window every night?

      I am loving it. I guess you do too!


    2. Not every night, I need a night off one in a while, geez!!
      I did :) I read it in a day because we were travelling back from London and ended up on the coach for a lot longer than we had intended :(

  2. i love this, thinking of doing my own one soon-ish xx

  3. Love these snapshots of your day.



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