A-Z of Becky: Y

Y is for Young Becky
I went through some differenct incarnations in my youth. As a young child, I was really, really cute... even if I say so myself! I had perfect blonde curly hair, chubby cheeks, huge round eyes and a little button nose. I looked a lot like Karen in Outnumbered and, in fact, I was pretty much as creepy and morbid as her too, despite the innocent looks!
Then I hit puberty. It was not kind to me. I was the gorkiest kid to live. I had frizzy hair, wonky teeth (and later, braces), big round glasses and hamster cheeks. Certainly not my best look!
Aged 16, I started to grow into my looks. Around the same time, I decided my calling was emo. I was emo through and through, with blurry black and white photos of my eyes taken on my Motorola and posted to Myspace.
I have to admit that I still carry a little part of Becky the Emo Kid around with me everywhere. It's an inate part of my being! 


  1. Aw, I'm loving this post! You were such a cute kid =D
    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

  2. You looked so cute! And I know all about looking awkward as a teenager. That's how teenagers are supposed to look like, right? But these days, teenagers are just plain stylish.But I still love the awkward teenage years. :)


  3. Woohooo to round glasses and frizzy hair kids!


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