My mummy

Ok, I know Mother's Day was yesterday, but I fell asleep and didn't get around to posting this. I'll just pretend I like to do things differently. 
This is my mum Sue, although I do still call her Mummy (yes, at the age of 24!), and she's just turned 50. Is it just me being biased, or does she look so much younger than that? I really hope that I've inherited her skin genes! 

I saw that Leona included some facts about her mum in her Mother's Day posts. It was pretty cute so I hope she won't mind me doing the same thing here.

My mum is always late. She never means to be, but somehow she just ends up leaving much later than she should do.

I've inherited her talent for walking in heels. By which I mean, no talent. She once wore new wedges and white trousers, but managed to fall over and rip a hole in the trousers before she'd got to the end of the garden path. 

She is very girly about her nails. They are always done to perfection, with acrylics and glittery designs which are usually themed for seasonal events. You can see an example in the photo below. 

She talks to everyone and anyone. I say she's like Forrest Gump because she'll start chatting to people wherever she goes. I don't know how she does it!

In addition to this, she talks a lot. Conversations with her are never shorter than 30 minutes, even though they usually start with "We haven't really done anything lately". 

Her phone voice is hilarious. When making phone calls, she always begins by saying "Yes, I wonder if you could" (presumably in response to "May I help you?") and end with "Thank you, Gary/Dave/Tina [insert name here]". How she remembers their names is beyond me!

Her parents-in-law live in Turkey so she goes there fairly often and is always tanned, without the need for self-tanning. I always look so pasty next to her, as seen here:

I don't think my mum reads my blog, but if you do: I love you, Mummy! 


  1. your mum sounds JUST LIKE my mum! i think the talking to strangers bit and talking about nothing bit must come with age. god i hope not!

    1. Haha I know I certainly haven't inherited that gene!

  2. she indeed looks very much younger than she is - you look like sisters!:)

    1. Haha she'll be delighted to hear that!

  3. My mum sparks up a conversation WHEREVER SHE IS. No matter who she is with, she will always, always start a coversation. I also cannot walk in heels, although I never wear them because I am so tall :'( x

  4. your mother looks like the mother of taylor swift (andrea swift) omg ^^

    1. Don't tell anyone but I'm secretly Taylor Swift!

  5. this is sweet! moms are the BEST! So happy to have stumbled across your blog. It is delightful...and because of its delighful-ness I am your newest follower! hope you will stop by mine sometime & follow!

    xo, Kelsey Belle

  6. This is such a sweet post! I wrote about my mum too for mothers day. I often call my mum Mama but this is more to do with the fact my daughter calls me that.

    What a talent of being able to make conversation everywhere! I wish I could do it! And yes your mum looks younger than 50 :)

    Amy x


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