What's in my bag: Work edition

Unlike the weekends, my weekdays have me lugging around a huge amount of weight on my shoulders. I try to make my bag as light as possible but it's just not happening.

1. This bag is from New Look. I like it because it matches my purse perfectly. They almost look like they are a set.

2. Diet Pepsi. An absolute essential for me. I love nothing more than cracking open my Diet Pepsi at 4 o'clock to supplement my planning.

3. My iPod. I need this to drown out the sounds of people on their way home after work. The most vacuous, shrill woman gets on the same train as me and that's the last thing I want to hear after a long day.

4. Camera. It's always nice to have a camera on hand so I can snap photos of the kids for display or to use in their books.

5. Green pens. I always have a few green pens buried in my bag. Always ready for a spot of marking!

6. Pencil, pencil sharpener and rubber band. I always end up with miscellaneous stuff in my pocket. It usually goes in my bag when I'm on my way home and forgotten about.

7. Burt's Bees lip balm. I usually have a lip balm handy as I get very sore lips in the winter.

8. Camera cable. So I can transfer the photos onto my work computer and print them off there and then. It's always a hassle doing it at home.

9. My phone. Where would I be without my phone?

10. To do list. Every teacher must have a billion of these all over the place.

11. My purse. It matches my bag, see?

12. (I forgot to number this one) My lunchbox. Isn't it adorable? I got it as a Christmas present from Rich just before I started. It usually contains a packet of Belvitas for my breakfast and a chicken sandwich for lunch.


  1. I love how youe bag and purse match! It's making me want to match mine too haha :) Cute lunchbox too! I've got a fancy one as well which I'm hoping to use when I get a job! xx

  2. Love your lunchbox. I'm impressed with how little you have in your bag actually. I can barely find anything in mine at the moment! I should do a work edition too, so different from my weekend stuff!

    1. I usually have loads of food wrappers, train tickets, receipts etc but I didn't photograph them. Maybe I should have disclosed that first!

  3. wonderful post :D love your bag!

  4. lovely blog!! now following via bloglovin :)


  5. Camera cable! That's a really good idea to carry around. I may have to start doing that.

  6. Your bag is so cute! Just like your lunchbox!


  7. Oh God, noisy people on trains drive me INSANE!! I can't deal with them at all, or screaming children. I also always have lip balm with me, but usually forget to use it until my lips hurt! I'm rubbish! x

  8. great post! lol:)


  9. cute purse!


  10. That purse is adorable! I want one! I also usually have a camera, my ipod, something to write with, chapstick\lip gloss, and a to do list in my purse too! -Jessica


  11. Really good idea about keeping a to-do list with you - I may start doing so.

    I have a big tote bag so I can carry my laptop to work with me on the weekdays - so heavy!



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