A Day in the Life of Becky: July

I'm hoping that this might become a monthly feature. It's kind of fun to show what I spend my weekends doing. Although, admittedly, it would usually go something like this:

12pm: Wake up
1pm: Internet
2pm: Internet
3pm: Eat
4pm: Internet

Yesterday was a little more interesting than that though, I'm pleased to say.

9am: Rise and shine! Very early for me on a Sunday!

10am: Make up time! I should really clean out my make up bag.

11am: Calling at Grandma's house.

12pm: Still at Grandma's house, having a nice natter!

1pm: Walking home. In the rain. Without an umbrella.

2pm: Watching some trashy TV with my lunch. This is Work of Art- Basically Project Runway for artists.

3pm: Time to get some planning done.

4pm: A bit of ukulele practise and checking up on Twitter.

5pm: Rocking out to some tunes.

6pm: My mummy came round with a belated birthday present. Hooray!

7pm: Dinner time! Chicken and noodles, yum yum!

8pm: Chilling out with some magazines. Everyone loves Miss Piggy, right?

9pm: Bath time! Washing my hair to make it all squeaky clean for Monday morning.

10pm: Bed time. Unwinding with my Grayson Perry book before I sleep.

And that is what a very busy Sunday looks like for me. What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. the photos are great dear :D

  2. Love this post! Your Saturday was WAY more productive than mine usually are! I love your stuffed animals :) I still sleep with mine sometimes! And they're almost always on the bed :) Work of Art sounds like an AWESOME show!

  3. Replies
    1. Haha, thank you. They match my sofa! What sort of loser matches their crockery to their upholstery?

  4. Some distinct similarities. I have Work of Art on series link. I mainly criticize everything and wonder what planet they are on. The laptop with Smart Notebook is always my Sunday afternoon. Only 1 more working Sunday before September!

  5. Ooo Oooh... Hi There... I am your newest follower that I like your nice blog so so much..:))
    Your style is just like mine..
    Nice to meet you.. If you visit my blog I will be really really happy..:))

  6. I like your music list! I pretty much also listen to the same bands. And my Sunday was doing nothing all day long! Loved it.



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