20th July 2012

Today I'm cheating a bit. This is actually what I wore yesterday for the last day of term. Afterwards, I went for drinks with some of my friends/colleagues and, by the time I got home, there was no good light to take photos. Since I have been making the most of my first day off, I've been in my skeleton PJs all day so I feel justified in posting these today.

I love this dress. The fit is absolutely perfect and I always feel great in it. This makes it the perfect dress to add to Rachele's Proud of My Size Link Up (Is it that time of the week already?). In fact, I feel so great in it that I was super bouncy jumping on the bed today in all my size 16 bounciness.

I'm really getting into this jumping on the bed thing. I'm getting a much wider selection of photos to choose from. It's also a whole lot of fun! Expect a lot more of these.

My last day was great. I have such a great class and it's a shame that they have to move up. I got a few gifts which were lovely but it was these flowers that really meant a lot to me.

I've been collecting empty jars for ages and Rich is always nagging me to throw them out. I'm glad I finally found a use for them!


  1. love the flowers! and your dress is really pretty!

  2. This dress is so lovely, you look stunning! I just found your blog recently and I totally love your style. You always look adorable (in a nice grown up way). I love what you have done with those jars too, as a fellow hoarder I'm always looking for ways to use all the bits and pieces I accumulate xo

    1. Thank you Alice! I've found a bunch of jar-related tutorials that I'm going to work my way through.

  3. This dress fits you perfectly! It's so pretty <3

    PS- I love your bedroom as your new location for outfit pictures. The jumping photos are too cute!


  4. Hi Becky!
    I just discovered your blog and I really liked it, especially this post :) I love the combination of your fancy dress with your rockstar-ish piercings! I think it looks really cool :)

  5. Love this dress, it's amazing on you!


  6. I love this style of dress! It's so flattering for any figure and makes me feel like such a lady! You look great :)


  7. I haaave so many jars!!! (actually they're all stolen from my parents who have a bit of a jam and chutney making thing,ha!) But I'm going to post soon on what I'm using em for. Love the dress btw, your figure looks great!! xxx

  8. Ooh! I really love this dress! It fits you so nicely and the color is fantastic. Sometimes it's good to just wear a "basic" item. And I love jumping on the bed! haha!

    Cup of Tea

  9. Such a nice dress! and I love the jumping on the bed photo!

  10. LOVE ur outfit, that blue looks good on you :-)
    Check out my blog, I'd appreciate more follows if you haven't already :-)

  11. Love that dress!! Super cute on you. And the flowers are so pretty. :)

  12. Gorgeous Becky! Great dress and such fun shots :)
    Found you via the linky over at The Near Sighted Owl and I'm so glad I did :)


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