10th July 2012

Dress: River Island
Jumper: Primark
Shoes: New Look

This dress makes me look like a tube of Aquafresh, according to one of my kids. Forever more, this will be known as my Aquafresh dress.

It seems that Rich likes to take photos of me when I am in the middle of telling stories. It also seems that I am a really, really animated storyteller!

I seriously cannot wait until summer when I can do up the garden. I'm envisioning lots of pastel colours- a minty turquoise paint job on the shed, white fences and lots of colourful flowers. I'm just not sure what to do with this run down patio. We're renting so we can't rip it up (which is what I would do if we owned it) and we don't have oodles of cash to spare. Any ideas?


  1. Haha aquafresh or not, this dress looks lovely on you! i love the happy colors- and they fit so well for july. and my boyfriend always snaps pics of me mid-sentence too. i get a lot of slack jawed shots that way -__-

  2. Hehe I'm totally loving the aquafresh look! Blue and red always looks great in my opinion, and you make it look so fun and fresh =)

  3. I sure as hell adore you.

  4. Oh my goodness I simply adore your skirt! So incredibly cute!

  5. i just came up with a fantastic idea for your patio... then i realised that garden rugs probably don't exist and aren't practical in england. oops. x


    1. I don't care how practical they are. Garden rugs sound amazing! Off to Google that right now!

  6. I love your skirt you look so cute!

  7. Summer dress looks adorable on you.The colors and the style is so beautiful and awesome .Great and fabulous collection.

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  8. I love the horizontal stripes against the vertical! I wouldn't think to pair them but it looks good! Check out my blog and follow along if you'd like!
    Drey - highdollarhippie.blogspot.com

  9. cute skirt :) <3

  10. So pretty! Love the way you mixed the patterns here! Lovely look! :)

    ox from NYC!



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