9th July 2012

Cardigan: Marks & Spencer
Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Primark

I really love these colours combined. I think I'll have to try this combination more often. This dress is amazing. You can't really see it here because of the cardigan but the whole bodice has a floral cut out crochet type thing going on. I once got horrendously sunburnt when wearing this and had the most ridiculous tan lines ever on my back. I basically looked like I had a bright red, blistered Space Invader taking up residence across my entire back.

Since I am trying to incorporate more silliness, have a photo that Rich took unexpectedly during a particularly animated retelling of my day. Yes, this is how I tell all my stories!


  1. Loving the pink! :-)

  2. nice outfit - I like this colour combo a lot too!

  3. Adore the color combo! you look so pretty!

  4. LOVEEE your dress, it looks absolutely adorable on you! :)

  5. haha! that's a beautiful color on you by the way. :)

  6. you are a cutie!

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