Yes, ok. It's Saturday. Though the past two evenings have consisted of Parents' Evening and the summer fete so I think it's only understandable that I'm a little late this week.
I cannot get over how amazing these Against the Grain Wood plugs are. They have real, working clocks in! These almost make me want to stretch up to 35mm! I actually really want some wooden plugs but I can't find any in 8mm that aren't double flared. (Edit: Ignore me! Against the Grain Wood have some! Score!)

Just look at this awesome Dinoflowers scarf by Rawaan Alkhatib. I blooming love dinosaurs! It's got T-Rexes all over it. So adorable!

This is a lovely little tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous. I'm planning to make some bunting for my bedroom over summer so this will come in very handy.

I bought this Topshop onesie. I'm actually wearing it right now. I cannot wait to show you what it looks like! I'm a little ladybird!

I'm planning to tackle the design of our house over the summer. We moved in two weeks before Christmas and a month before I started teaching. By the time we had unpacked, it was Christmas and then once I started work, I had barely enough time to sleep, let alone anything else. So our house mostly resembles the blank canvas that it was when we moved in. We're planning to buy a whole load of monochromatic prints for our living room. Rich loves Johnny Cash so this Concepcion Studios print is perfect.
(If you're a pedant, like me, you will have noticed the terrible grammatical error on this print. Luckily, further images on the listing show it corrected).


  1. Looking forward to see you ladybird :)
    Nice blog <3

    Hope you can follow me back


  2. That scarf is amazing! Why does it have to be $95? :(

  3. Ahh the ladybird all in one is great! I love the bunny one on the Topshop site too!


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