A-Z of Becky: C

C is for Chicken

Anyone who knows me will know I love chicken. I could literally eat chicken every day. Nando's is my favourite website. My work colleagues say I'm obsessed. The kids bought me chicken-related presents for my birthday. I once put every word in a spelling test into a chicken-related sentence, much to their amusement.

The fastest way to a man's heart is through is stomach. The fastest way to mine is with chicken.

In fact, when looking for a good Nando's-based photo of myself to use, I found no fewer than 13 seperate incidents of photographic evidence. The real number is infinitely higher than this.


  1. Yes! Chicken. I'm a big supporter of their breasts. I think I've spent more money on chicken breasts than I've spent on my own. (In fact, I know that to be true because mine are real!!) haha.

    Great post.

  2. Is it just eating chicken or an actual living chicken?

  3. Hihi I can´t say I love chicken because I´m vegetarian... :P

  4. Ahaha Love this post and chicken as well!

  5. I love Nando's!! wow you just took me back to my days working in DC!!

  6. you are too funny! Love your A-Z posts! Keep it up!

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