101 in 1001 I

I have started a 101 in 1001 project. I've joined Day Zero which is a pretty awesome way of keeping up because it tells you how many days you have left. Each week I will give you a little update on which goals I have achieved, with photographic proof, and give an explanation of 6 others, one from each category. Hopefully this will give you a little insight into what it's like to be a Becky.

Ok, so I started writing this list a few weeks ago now and I have already achieved a few of them. So here goes:

#24: Buy a piece of art for the home

I have a little stuffed pig called Fluffy. I've had him since I was 8 years old and he is the most important thing in my life. For Christmas 2010, Rich found a graphic novel called Fluffy about a little rabbit. It is absolutely lovely and I adore it. Then, in April, I was walking through Brighton and passed Art Republic. In the window was this Fluffy print. I needed it. So I ordered one. It has pride of place in the bedroom where it suits the blue and white decor very nicely. As a signed silkscreen, it is an authentic piece of art. So I can now officially say I have bought a piece of art.

#25: Buy a collection of art books

This is an ongoing goal. I was given two Grayson Perry books for my birthday. He is one of my favourite artists so I was very happy to receive these.

#28: Buy a ukulele

Well we all know I have achieved this. Although I didn't buy it. It was given to me for my birthday. Still, I own a ukulele and I think I've talked about it enough recently so I'll keep this one short.

#34: Buy an Art Pass

I am a massive art geek. I very nearly went to art college until I got halfway through my A-levels and realised that if the workload of two art subjects at A-level was practically killing me, I wouldn't live to graduate from an art degree. Instead I became a teacher (which is what I had always wanted to be) and specialised in art. Although I'm very pleased that I took this route, I do miss art. I've therefore invested in an Art Pass and aim to see as many exhibitions as I possibly can.

#44: Collect my perfume wishlist (1/5)

Another ongoing goal. I have 5 perfumes on my wishlist: Narciso Rodriguez For Her, Stella McCartney LILY, Dior Miss Dior Cherie, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique and Valentino Valentina. I was given For Her for my birthday. One down, four to go.

Still to Achieve
#1: Get an Ofsted outstanding grade
A lot of teachers would despair of this being a major goal for me. Ofsted, for those who are not in the UK, are the regulatory body for schools. They inspect schools at regular intervals which includes observing teachers and grading them. Outstanding is the top mark, followed by good. So far, I have been observed three times and been graded as good each time. However, I am an insanely ambitious perfectionist and will be happy with nothing other than an outstanding.

#8: Get a custom blog logo
At some point, I am going to do this. I have no logo right now and it would be great to commission one that I could use for promotional purposes. It's just one of those things that I never get round to so I aim to change that.

#13: Visit Florida again
I first visited Florida (and the States, for that matter) in July 2011. I was with my best friend and her fiance and it was just the most amazing time. I have never been so happy in my life. Genuinely, the happiest I have ever been was out there. We are soon to book a return for 2013 and I hope we can make this a regular thing.

#36: Learn to play the drums
I am a very rhythmic person. When I listen to music, I'm a lot more interested by the beat than by the melody. I've always wanted to play the drums. My ex was a drummer and, although we kept intending for him to teach me, we never got round to it. Now my brother has started playing and I must, must, must get him to teach me!

#40: Buy Dior sunglasses
Ooh, materialistic, I know. I love Dior. I love sunglasses. I can afford it. Don't judge me!

#43: Get married!
The most important goal there is! We're getting married on 13th August 2013, hopefully. We intend to get married in Florida so this links very nicely to goal #13. Ooh, look at the prevalence of 13s. It happens to be my lucky number.


  1. This is such a good idea, i might have to try this out myself!

  2. What kind of blog logo are you thinking of? I'd like to offer my help with making it if you'd like.
    My art:

    Cass x
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

    1. I'm not sure yet. I'll keep you in mind for when I get around to considering it in more detail! By the way, you're very talented. I love your Tom drawing. You really captured his tortured-soul thing.

    2. Aww thanks so much Becky, you rock <3

  3. lovely post. x and aw the little ukulele is soo cute!

  4. Love this! :D I've been working on a 30 before 30 list myself; I love setting goals for myself. :)

  5. This is really cool, thanks for posting the link to that day zero site, looks really helpful. I think I'd like to do this too! x

  6. I love this!

  7. This is SO awesome. I especially love your story about Fluffy. I have a stuffed bunny who I've had since I was a baby. She's so special to me and I can completely relate to your love of your little pig! I LOVE your Fluffy bunny print! How adorable :)


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