A-Z of Becky: B

B is for Brighton

My best friend lives in a little village just outside of Brighton. I hadn't stepped foot in the place until 2010 which seems insane now. It is one of my favourite places in the world. The shopping is incredible, with vintage shops and boutiques everywhere you look. It has my favourite piercing studio in the world, Punktured, and it is on the seaside. Everything is better on the seaside. Except maybe seagulls.


  1. such lovely colourful pictures! I have never been to brighton, but i always hear good things about it :) x

    1. You should go! It's such an amazing place. There are loads of Travelodges and Premier Inns so it wouldn't be too expensive a trip either. Well, unless you're like me and spend loads in the vintage shops!

  2. i love brighton!! My first time going was last year with my mum and sister and we lived in my aunts flat while she was away, best place ever


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