On Being Silly

Everything you will ever read or hear on blogging has exactly the same advice: Be yourself. Show your personality. Be individual.

So many bloggers out there post exactly the same thing. It seems that everyone is too focussed on being a "popular" blogger that they just copy everyone else. They don't dare show a part of their personality.

I'm the opposite. I really, really want to show off who I am. Yet, for some reason, I find it really difficult to get across. I am a silly person. I'm the sort of person who will happily go all out for a fancy dress party and then use the crowded Saturday night bus to get there. I like to stand at the back of a gig with my friends and dance so wildly that people watch us instead of the band (the woman in a fur coat at Brand New in February, I'm looking at you!). I like to laugh. A lot.

Despite all this, I find it really hard to show this on here. So I am making a vow, right now, to showcase this more. And what better way to kick start this than post some of my favourite silly photos. It might be worth reminding yourself now that I don't drink. Sometimes that might be hard to believe!

I told you I like to dress up! This was last Halloween and, in case you haven't already got it, I was Garth from Wayne's World. My best friend was Wayne and we came second place in the fancy dress competition. Awesome!

I really, really do like dinosaurs. This is me and my daddy dinosaur.

The time I discovered a Nestle Kit Kat in Florida. I had been going on and on and on about how much I wanted a Kit Kat for the whole 2 weeks. Then, right towards the end, I found a stack of them in Epcot. It was the equivalent of about £1.70 but totally worth it!

Another Florida photo. Dressed in a Slytherin uniform, looking like a sad little T-Rex that is banished to the pet park. Sad times!

I've only just realised that three of these are T-Rex themed. I told you I like them! I really wish I had bought this hat. I'm not sure why I didn't.

I like animal hats... I took this photo because of the misleading product. It says "Paint your own monster mask". That is clearly a koala.


  1. Hahaha! I love this. I definitely support more silliness on your blog. Mine is full of silliness... although sometimes people don't get my sarcasm. But, you know, you gotta give it a try. Who knows, one person out there might really get it and that's totally worth 100 people not getting it.

  2. You're so adorable!
    I feel your pain about not being able to convey your true self on Blogger. I'm really nerdy--more nerdy than most people consider nerdy--but I find it hard to portray without sounding like I'm quoting the Big Bang Theory or being called a hipster.

    I fully support more silliness on your blog!

  3. You're too funny! So excited to read more of your posts revealing your fun personality. :)


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