A-Z of Becky: D

D is for Dinosaurs

My best friend calls me T-Bex. I have tiny little arms like a T Rex. I can only reach my knees when I try to touch my toes and cardigans are always far too long for me so the sleeves just dangle down past my hands (though I always have warm fingers in winter because of this!).

Yes, that is me being a T-Rex.

Dinosaurs are just awesome. They're such a cute, fun theme to work with. In fact, next year we are doing a whole termly topic on dinosaurs at work. I pushed and pushed for it and I've agreed to lead the unit. I'm so excited about it! We're going to make dinosaur art, go on dinosaur hunts (complete with bones buried in the playground), visit the Natural History museum... Basically, it's going to be the most fun ever! I seriously have the best job in the world!


  1. Hehe! I'm a total dinosaur nerd, the other day at work I was competing with this guy over who knew more about dinosaurs! :)

    Lauren xxx

  2. That does sound fun! My daughter got to spend the night at the Natural History Museum a few months ago and she had so much fun!

    1. Ooh I saw that when I was looking into trips. It sounds so amazing but it is so expensive. It's such a shame!

  3. This is awesome! I LOVE dinosaurs. How cool that you get to do so much dinosaur-related stuff with your job. Lucky girl!

  4. I remember doing a dinosaur project in year one... I think I made a big yellow one out of papier mache? Ha! If you can't be bothered to teach just stick on a couple of videos of The Land Before Time, cause they're probably too young to have ever seen them, also they are incredible!!! x


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