101 in 1001 VII

I've had such a crazy month! It has been filled with the most exciting things! I've achieved a lot of things on my 101 in 1001 list. 

#6: Become art co-ordinator
How do you like my amazing drawing skills?
For those of you who aren't in education, subject co-ordinators are basically the people who are in charge of leading a subject across the whole school. It's been my medium-term ambition to be art co-ordinator ever since I was in uni and did an art leadership module. My plan was to achieve this goal around the 5-year mark, but I was offered it in my second year. I'm super duper happy! I don't actually start until September but I'm including it in this month's post. I'm just too excited about it to wait until then! 

#12: Attend a blogging event
I was invited to the Benefit Stay Flawless Blogger Party. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of new people. 

#13: Meet a blogger in real life
I met Leona in real life. Eeeee! 
I also met Helen, Islay, Becca, Ashleigh, Pasha and more at the Benefit Stay Flawless Party. Phew, so many bloggers! 

#34: Visit Bristol
We met up in Bristol so I got another tick off my 101 list.

#44: Attend a Stuff & Nonsense Workshop
 I got to go to another one this month. 

#57: See all the exhibitions on my list
I saw another two exhibitions this month- Rachel Whiteread at the Gagosian Gallery and Quicksand at the Dairy Art Centre. I also went to visit the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. 

#96: Read 14 books
I accidentally included The Help last month when I hadn't actually finished it, so it's popping up again here. I have now reached my 14 book target so, based on a guide of 3 books per month, I'm planning to read another 31 before the end of my 1001 days. That, added to my current 14, gives a total of 45 books, which seems an awful lot!  

#101: Watch the backlog of films I've downloaded
I finally finished reading The Help and got around to watching the film. It wasn't as good as the book. There was far too much detail to be able to squeeze into a film. 


  1. Ah hurray!! sounds like you have been one busy bee, so glad you went, bet it was nothing to be worried about. I love bristol, i need to go there more and see some art shows. Got me inspired. Great post x

    1. I really have been bust haha! It really wasn't anything to worry about!

  2. That photo of you (as an artist) is outrageously cute. Congrats on becoming an art co-ordinater, bet you are an awesome teacher.

    1. Haha thank you- Amazing Photoshop skills! ;)

  3. Congratulations on your new position! You've had a busy summer so far...inspirational!

  4. Great post Becky, congratulations on achieving your work goal! xx

  5. Congrats!!! :) So excited for you to start :) xo

  6. Waaah, such a busy month, good for you! Massive congratulations on your job promotion too, that's so amazing <3



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