Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Yesterday, I shared the first half of the Oh! Bedbug Day of Fun with Leona. After wandering about the shopping centre, and stopping for a Harry Potter chat in Costa, we decided to hunt down the dinosaurs. We took a bit of a roundabout route, relying solely on Leona's iPhone, but we got there in the end. It was a pretty walk though, so I was happy.

Hospitals in my neck of the woods aren't this pretty! 

A very cute church and hotel.

The most gorgeous public toilets ever! There's a sign saying that they are permanently closed. I wonder what Bristol City Council are going to do with the building?

I love the shot of colour through the chimneypots. 

The beautiful university building. Imagine studying somewhere like this! We stopped here to catch our breath after the upwards trek. 

Pretending to be in Hogwarts. 

Myspace poses!

How creepy is this gargoyle?

Look how ornate the front of the building is. It looks like a cathedral. 

The museum and art gallery is stunning. The place is like a bloomin' Tardis. You enter into a small foyer with 4 doors but once you head upstairs, it just goes on and on and on. Like the entrance to Narnia or something.

This man is massive. Massive and imposing. 

I have such a weakness for beautiful interiors like this. Especially beautiful interiors with huge planes. 

There was a great exhibition on featuring art from international artists. 

A Ton of Tea by Ai Wei Wei. So amazing to see more of his art up close. It smelled really strongly of tea too (obviously). I love the concept of using different senses in an artwork. 

This is awesome! 

These little Sphinx rubber ducks were dotted around inside the exhibit cases. I loved them... and I might have bought one. 

We spotted what looks like a Banksy and I discovered that it's a brand new piece of art that has just popped up this week. It's not confirmed to be Banksy yet but still pretty cool either way. 


  1. My Granny lives on the outskirts of Bristol but I haven't actually been into the city in years! You've inspired me to explore next time I visit (if I can resist going to Bath again!) Hannah xo


  2. Hmm...looks like you missed Nipper. Go back to that toilet. Go on, I insist. Then look at the building on the opposite corner. Right on the corner of the building, above what used to be a door (not sure if it is any more), there's a tiny statue of Nipper the dog (bless him!). He's the one you'll remember from the HMV labels, publicity, record centres, etc. His owner used to work in a theatre on the opposite side. There's now a petrol station there. The petrol station has an info plaque telling you all about them both on the wall by the air pump. Little bit of Bristol history there. Sadly, he died in London and is now, apparently, buried under a car park. Sob.


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