How much does this dude, photgraphed in 1939, look like Jay-Z?
I find abandoned buildings absolutely fascinating and I'm particularly interested in abandoned tube stations. This poster is part of a section of Euston station that closed in the late 60s. How fascinating that you can walk through the station and have these links to the past hiding just feet away from you! There are hundreds of other photos on the link too. 
I know this is a really, really old clip but it never stops being funny for me. Bring back Harry Hill!
I watched a great programme on Channel 4 this week called World's Weirdest Weather and came across the phenomenon of Brocken spectres. It's basically a shadow of yourself projected onto a cloud with sunlight diffracted in a halo around the head. It's fascinating stuff!
I seriously love Jes, and her response to the Abercrombie & Fitch size scandal is incredible. 
Elycia made a crochet Mario mushroom and it's amazing! 


  1. It REALLY does look like Jay-Z, that's totally crazy!! Hahaha.

    I love Harry Hill, he has me in stitches every time

    Kelly ||

  2. I have a thing about abandoned places too, the link to the past is just incredible and it's something so simple. It's amazing places get forgotten about so easily. I love seeing photos of abandoned theme parks too.

    Going to click through that link now and spend an age in awe! xx

  3. Jay Z the bootlegger ahahah! I love the weather phenomena :)

  4. Oh my gosh those broken spectres are incredible!! xx


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