5 songs that bring back memories

I could choose so many songs for this. Emo was the soundtrack to my youth. To make it easier to decide, I just put my itunes on shuffle and chose the first 5 memory-laden tracks that I came across.

Standing in the Way of Control- The Gossip
When I was in my first year of uni, my friend Joy and I loved this song. We used to have long discussions about equality and this song was the backdrop. Plus the fact that we were really into Skins and this was essentially the theme tune.

I'm Not Okay (I Promise)- My Chemical Romance
Well, they had to be in there somewhere, didn't they? There are too many memories attached to this song- The very first time I heard it and realised that this band were going to be important to me, the first time I heard it live- and the time I heard it live before meeting the band- and it was the first song Rich and I danced to. 

I Walked with a Zombie- Wednesday 13
The very first time I went to Download, I remember walking around the stalls in The Village and hearing this song blasting from the stage. It always gives me that festival feeling. 

POSH- From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
(I know what you're thinking. I was one attractive teenager...)
When Myles was really small, we used to love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This song was our favourite. We knew all the words and would sing along at his bedtime. It always reminds me of him. 

Tarantula- Pendulum
Yet another Download-related memory. In 2011, we watched Pendulum on the second stage. It was pouring with rain but we danced like nobody was watching. It was the highlight of the whole weekend! 
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  1. Great choices, I remember the first time I heard I'm Not Okay (I Promise) it was really intense, I watched the video and just fell in love. :)

  2. I love this post! I think it'a great that songs can be such an anchor to our memories xx

  3. Ahh such good songs, I'm feeling nostalgic now!


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