My diaries 2003- 2004

This is the second edition of my new series, documenting some of the best quotes from my vast backlog of diaries. If you haven't read the first edition, start there to read the introduction.

Esmée- Lola (14th June 2003- 4th August 2003)
A bit about me:"I hope that one day I'll be famous for my diary like Anne Frank or Samuel Pepes. You're my 4th diary. My first was Cally, for 3 years; my second was Emma- Rae, for 8 months; and my last was Tallulah, who lasted 5 months. I hope you will be as faithful to me as they were.
I have mousy blonde/ brown curly hair, and small "antique-brown" glasses. I'm 15 today and have fancied Chris for 21 months".

16th June 2003
"I'm so annoyed! I've got a day off school today but Jamie won't own up [about damaging the bannister] so I can't go shopping. For god's sake! I'm being punished for something I haven't done! I might aswell throw all of my money out the window, for all the good it'll do here. Maybe I could buy a non-punishment. That's probably what they want. They're punishing me so I'll pay them!"

20th July 2003
"It was Katie's birthday. I can't be bothered to write about it, but we saw Daniel at one point. He was depressed about Katie and had drunk 1 1/2 bottles of straight vodka"

24th July 2003
"I'm desperate to make something of my life. I want to get a well-paid job, get a decent house and life then have children. I really want to get married and have kids, but I want to get a decent life going first"

Felicity (4th August 2003- 2nd January 2004)
A bit about me:
"I hope that one day, I'll be famous for my diary, like Anne Frank or Samuel Pepes. You're my 5th diary. My first was Cally, who lasted 3 years; my second Emma-Rae for 8 months, my third Tallulah who lasted 5 months; and my last Esmée-Lola, for 2 months (she was very small!)
I have mousy blonde/brown hair, curly and mid-length; and "antique-brown" rectangular-ish glasses. I'm 15, a prefect and want to be an interior designer. I have fancied Chris for 23 months, but now I'm slowly going off him"

4th August 2003
"There's this boy at school and I think I'm falling for him. It's really annoying 'cos he fancies me and I kind of fancy him, but I'd never go out with him, and oh! It's just so frustrating!"

21st November 2003
"Then she told me that Amanda had told Ashleigh who told Katie and everyone. I got in a stress with Amanda , who had a go at Ashleigh who told Katie who had a go at me 'cos I didn't tell her"


  1. "Then she told me that Amanda had told Ashleigh who told Katie and everyone. I got in a stress with Amanda , who had a go at Ashleigh who told Katie who had a go at me 'cos I didn't tell her" best quote in the world, haha!xxx

  2. Oh my you are too sweet!!! What a great post! Oh the things that dominated our thoughts when we were younger! xx

  3. Haha I love the last entry :P

  4. These are such funny blog entries, I really wish I'd written a diary when I was younger, I swear I can barely remember anything from school!
    And I definitely used to have that furry diary too, in purple! :)

  5. Some of these are so funny, hahaha. I wish I would've kept my old journals! What a great idea. You should make your top quotes into some sort of little quote book!

  6. that last quote is hilarious haha!

  7. That last bit is HILARIOUS- so typical of a teenage girl! I once had to say to someone that "C doesn't know that I know that she knows that I know", which was almost as confusing as your Amanda/ Ashleigh/ Katie saga! I also love that you named your diaries!! xx


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