Whistlestop tour

I'm currently in Bristol with Leona (that's assuming she's not a 56-year-old murderer in real life) so I will have a bazillion posts featuring her gorgeous, real-life face shortly! In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to take you through my top 5 posts of all time. And by "of all time", I mean "of 2013". 
An open letter to Company Magazine
My response to the Skinny Club article that appears to glamourise eating disorders. 
My diaries 1998- 2003
The best (read most embarrassing) entries from my 10-15 years.
I'm insanely organised when it comes to my blog. Here are my secrets! 
Spilling my heart on the demise of my favourite band ever. 
Myles reviews some of my favourite looks, with all his 13-year-old boy charm! 


  1. Ah no way, I live near Bristol :) would have loved to have told you how great you are in person (I sound totally normal here, right?) xx

    1. Aaw, that's such a shame! I'm sure we'll get another chance! And, yes, totally normal... ahem...

  2. I love the fashion police post that boy is awesome!!!

    1. I know! He is the funniest person I know!

  3. wow! you write in a diary too?! My old ones look ugly and very vintage. :( haha! but yours, you somehow managed to keep them all look good as new! hehe~


    1. I store all mine in a massive box so they keep quite nicely. I need a new box though, since the old one is falling apart.


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