This really brightened my day. What an amazing couple! 

Colour footage of London from the 1920s. It's absolutely mindblowing! 
I may or may not have bought this unicorn onesie
My Starkid phase died out a little while ago, but Joey Richter and Rupert Grint in one photo? Too many Rons! (Leona, we'll reach this after you've seen all the films!) 
The Evening Standard have announced a reading festival in Trafalgar Square on 13th July. It sounds awesome. 
I love these 29 ways to stay creative


  1. Oh my gosh - there is a plumber working on my hot water system right now, and I was laughing so hard at that top video that he came into my office to check if I was okay! hahaha xx

  2. I needed that first video today. Big smile!


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